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Advance Electronics Ltd

AGT Constant Voltage Transformer 11 from Critical Power Supplies providing high efficiency, ECO UPS, single phase, three phase UPS, Generators, PDU's, Racks and Extended Runtime solutions, remote monitoring, UPS Batteries,  APC, Eaton, GE Digital, Riello

Advance designs and manufactures a wide range of power conditioning and UPS products which enhance the reliability of ICT and industrial systems worldwide. We are determined to positively differentiate ourselves on reputation speed of response and overall quality of the products and services we supply.

The company started during the early part of the second world war (1939). A well known engineer of that period called Stapleton made transformers in his chicken shed.

During the post war period management acquired various companies and became a major UK source of electronic instruments such as voltmeters oscilloscopes and signal generators.

The business established headquarters at Hainault in Essex. Factories were opened at Wrexham and Bishops Stortford.

By 1972 the business had 1200 employees and it had become a public company called Advance Electronics.

In addition to running excellent apprentice schemes the company published a school masters bible for teaching physics.

The company was also making dc power supplies and an American battery manufacturer

(Gould Inc.)

wanting a European stake, saw some synergy and acquired the entire company.

Gould also bought various other European companies. By 1983 Gould wanted to focus on it’s core products and two managers at the CVT factory at Wrexham (now Advance Park) negotiated a management buyout.

During the 1983-1996 period various acquisitions were made – the last being Galatrek International Ltd.

At the beginning of 1998 the two major power conditioning product lines were amalgamated and are now sold under the Advance banner.

The Llanrwst factory was finally closed in 1999. Manufacture was moved to group headquarters at Wrexham.

In the last quarter of 2000 a company de-merger occurred. Advance was separated from the other component based businesses.

The Directors and staff of Advance decided that the company had reached a size and market position that demanded a focus on its core business.

In January 2001 the main resale supplier to Advance took a small interest in the business

Later in March of 2003 Riello bought out the UPS side of the business to establish Riello Galatrek Ltd.

This allows us at Advance to concentrate on our core competencies of Power Quality and Protection

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Advance Electronics

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