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CSB Battery Technology

CSB New Logo for mission applications IT and Telecom, Marine and industrial applications which remote monitoring and alerting of status changes

As a leading global manufacturer of Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries, *CSB*’s products are utilized in over 52 countries for telecommunications, UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), emergency lighting, security and many other additional applications. Founded in 1987, CSB is a leading manufacturer of VRLA batteries providing over 5 million batteries monthly.

One of the main factors driving the company’s continued growth is *CSB*’s worldwide distribution network and the consistent quality of their products. The wide array of CSB customers have come to know and trust the quality and reliability of its’ products and services. CSB is committed to developing next generation VRLA products and growing its’ worldwide distribution network. With over one thousand employees, CSB is confident in providing you a better and more reliable total solution.

CSB pledge to support the earth, to respect the web of life upon it, to honor the dignity of every member of our global family. One planet, one people, one world, in harmony. With peace, justice and freedom for all.

Recent CSB Developments

- XTV / XHRL / UPS / MSV Series launched
- CSB Battery of Netherlands changing the name to CSB Battery Europe B.V
- CSB Battery Technologies (Beijing) CO., LTD Grand Opening Beijing, China
- France / Benelux / Germany / UK / Iberica / Italy offices established to expand service the European Market.
- CSB Battery (Viet Nam) Co., Ltd. Founded to expand battery production in Viet Nam
- CSB Europe running for Green company Award with establishing a European recycling plan.
- CSB Europe upgraded from all-round battery supplier to a Total Solution Provider.
- CSB Europe will launch a patented Battery and System calculation Software.

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