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Eaton UPS

Eaton UPS Ranges including single phase, three phase and modular solutions which are ECO friendly and High Efficiency Designs for Datacentres and Mission Critical Applications.

All orders placed on Eaton Products upto 30/9/2014 from the 14/8/2014 enjoy 1% cashback.

Eaton is a global leader in power protection and uninterruptible power supplies from 300VA to 800kVA. The Eaton product portfolio includes brand names such as Powerware UPS, MGE Office Protection Systems (known as MGE OPS), Best Power (Ferrups and Micro-Ferrups), Pulizzi, and Aphel. Run as a power quality business, Eaton UPS provides a comprehensive power protection portfolio, designed to serve the needs of industrial, institutional, government, utility, commercial, residential, ICT and mission-critical OEM markets worldwide.

Eaton UPS provides a single-source for power protection solutions, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), surge protective devices, switchgear, power distribution units (PDUs), remote monitoring, meters, software, connectivity, enclosures and services. Eaton UPS ranges include desktop UPS, rackmount ups and floor standing UPS.

If you are looking for replacement batteries on Eaton legacy and current UPS products then please click here

Critical Power Supplies is proud of its association with Eaton and its team has over ten years supplying, installing and servicing the Eaton UPS, Powerware, Best Power and MGE UPS brands.

Eaton UPS ranges include;

PC Workstation and Home AV UPS

- Eaton Proteciton Station UPS 500-8000VA
- Eaton Ellipse 3S UPS 550-700VA
- Eaton Ellipse ECO UPS 500-1600VA
- Eaton Ellipse 5S UPS 550-1500VA
- Eaton Ellipse PRO UPS 650-1600VA

Network & Server UPS

- Eaton 5SC UPS 500-1500VA
- Eaton 5130 UPS 1250-3000VA
- Eaton 5PX UPS 1500-3000VA
- Eaton 9130 UPS 700-6000VA
- Eaton 9130 UPS RM 1000-3000VA
- Eaton EX UPS 700-3000VA
- Eaton 9SX 5-11kVA
- *Eaton 9PX 5-22kVA
- *Eaton 9155 UPS

Data Centre & Facility UPS.

- BladeUPS UPS 12-60KW
- Eaton 9355 UPS 8-40kVA
- Eaton 93PM UPS 30-200KW
- PowerXpert 9395 225-1100KVA

Marine & offshore UPS.

- Eaton 9130 Marine 1000-3000VA
- Eaton EX Marine 1500-3000VA
- Eaton 9155 Marine 8-30kVA
- Eaton 9355 Marine 8-40kVA
- Eaton 9390 marine 40-160kVA
- Power Xpert 9395 Marine 225-1100kVA

To download the new Eaton UPS Handbook click here

Eaton UPS solutions from Critical Power Supplies including Ellipse ASR, Ellipse MAX, Evolution Evolution S

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