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Riello Multi Sentry 30kVA MST UPS T4 6minutes runtime

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The Riello Multi Sentry 30kVA/27kW uninterruptible power supply from Critical Power Supplies is an on-line double-conversion UPS with a built-in battery pack designed to give 6 minutes runtime at full load. The standard runtime can be extended using additional battery extension packs. The UPS has a three phase input and output. Typical applications: Blade servers, comms rooms, server rooms and datacentres.

Multi Sentry has a very high operating efficiency (94%), high input power factor, advanced battery management and can work in one of several operating modes: On-line, Economy, Smart Active and Standby/Off, as well as operating as a frequency converter.

Features and Benefits.

Multi Sentry UPS have been designed for an easy install, especially on sites with limited power capacity available, a generator and harmonic compatibility problems. Typical features include:

- low input current distortion – less than 3%
- high input power factor 0.99
- power walk-in function to achieve progressive rectifier start-up
- delayed start-up on mains power supply return

The UPS also acts as a high performance filter to protect its supplies from load induced harmonics and reactive power.

Multi Sentry has a unique battery care system to optimise battery performance, extend working life and guarantee the UPS is fit to deliver its full-rated runtime when called upon to do so – in the event of a complete mains power failure. The UPS is designed to operate with a range of battery types: VRLA AGM and GEL lead-acid batteries including open-vented types, in addition to Ni-Cads.

Specific Battery Care features include:

- One-level recharge to meet the requirements of the most common VRLA AGM batteries.
- Two voltage level recharge meeting the IU characteristic.
- Restricted charging to reduce electrolyte consumption and extend the life of VRLA batteries.
- Temperature compensation: to avoid excessive voltage being applied to the batteries in a high ambient.
- Built-in battery testing to enable predicted failure reports and detect performance degradation.
- Deep battery discharge protection: to prevent over discharging the battery set.
- Low AC ripple current, achieved using a high-frequency battery charger.
- Wide input voltage range, with a rectifier that can work down to less than 40% of its nominal supply rating.

Multi Sentry can be used for a wide range of applications with several customisation options and accessories providing flexibility and a choice of performance levels:

- compatible with capacitive loads – without any reduction in active power (0.9 lead to 0.9 lag).
- multiple operating modes: On-Line, Eco, Smart-Active and Stand-By/Off and frequency conversion.
- PowerShare connections for priority-based load shedding on mains power supply failure.
- cold-start facility to allow the UPS to be switched on even without a mains power supply present.
- extended runtime options using battery extension cabinets.
- battery cabinet temperature sensor option to assist the temperature compensating charger.
- larger battery charger options to optimize recharge times.
- dual input supplies options for added resilience.
- isolation transformer options for Galvanic isolation and neutral connectivity.

Models Available.

UPS Part Number Runtime Dimensions Kg
MST 30-A0 UPS 440×850×1320 135
MST 30-A0T With isolation transformer 440×850×1320 365
MST 30-T1 5minutes runtime 440×850×1320 300
MST 30-T4 9minutes runtime 440×850×1320 320
Product Datasheet Multi_Sentry_30-200_kVA.pdf
UPS Accessories Accessories.pdf
UPS, Battery & Generator Maintenance Options CP_contracts_maintenance_brochure.v1.pdf
UPS Software & Monitoring Datasheet Software.pdf

Onsite Maintenance is as easy as 1, 2, 3, Contact us for further information.

1: Plug and Play - Extended Warranty Contracts from 1 to 5 years from £0.99 per month ex VAT

For plug & play UPS Critical Power offers you a full range of distributed service packs. These competitively priced turn-key solutions optimize your UPS performances and enhance the availability of your equipment while meeting your financial constraints and technical requirements.

Warranty Plus Extends your warranty up to 3 years, next working day replacement

Warranty Plus Extends your warranty up to 5 years, next working day replacement

Intervention, Provides one preventative maintenance visit, planned visit  

Battery Plus, Provides replacement batteries to site, next working day replacement

Warranty Extends your warranty up to 1 year, next working day replacement  

2: Hardwired – Onsite Maintenance Contracts from 1 to 5 years from £34.99 per month ex VAT

No matter what, your UPS must be ready to perform at all times. While every power solution we supply is backed-up by a comprehensive warranty with the manufacturer, maintenance plans to ensure business continuity are highly recommended, particularly for UPS systems from 1kVA. In particular, the battery set is of prime importance, and must be in good working order. With other consumables, such as fans and DC capacitors requiring regular maintenance and inspection logs reviewed to predict potential future problems.

Services Included

Silver Level

Gold Level

Platinum Level


Technical Hotline 24/7

Preventative Maintenance

Remote Monitoring 24/7

Firmware Upgrades

Emergency Response



Monthly Event/Status Report

Onsite Crash Kit

Response Time
12 working hours
8 working hours
4 clock hours


3: 24x7 Remote Monitoring Contracts from 1 month to 5 years from £29.99 per month ex VAT

Remote monitoring of UPS, Generators, Air Conditioning, Site Access and Environmental Systems is essential to allow swift offsite investigation of fault reports and real-time monitoring of the site status, allowing the correct response to be created and dispatched to site.

Engineer Installation and configuration during normal hours
24x7 flexible status and remote monitoring.      

Encrypted communication, allowing safe offsite monitoring    

Alarms and events emailed and SMS texted automatically    

Firewall Friendly

Cloud based status overview and multiple sites status on one screen

Allows First Fix Response to Site

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