Blog Archive: January 2010

Increase Your Profits Through Energy Management - UPS Enhanced Capital Allowances

Historically power and energy management may have not have drawn the right attention across an organisation. Each organisational department has its own focus - IT on preventing mains power failures and keeping systems running, facilities management on suppiers performance and finance on operating budgets.

Codes of Conduct For Datacentres and Uninterruptible Power Supplies

There are now two principal Codes of Conduct publications from the EU regarding Datacentres and Uninterrupitble Power Supplies. Just what do they mean for the UPS industry?

How Green Are Datacentres In Their Energy Usage?

Critical Power Supplies picks up a comment by the vice president of The Green Grid that many companies still don’t even monitor their data centre energy consumption.

Critical Power Supplies MD Forecasts For 2010

Why it makes sense to run a Critical Power Supplies business that combines uninterruptible power supply and emergency back-up power systems with the latest approaches to ECO environmental energy management.

Critical Power Protection