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ONEAC PCm 2000VA Medical grade power conditioner

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The ONEAC’s unique solution ONEAC power conditioner 2000VA from Critical Power Supplies assure reliable electronic performance by isolating critical semiconductor-based circuits from the harsh electrical environment.

They differ from surge suppressors in that they limit not only peak voltages (amplitude), but also edge speed (frequency) of electrical transients. ONEAC’s low impedance transformer and Virtual Kelvin Ground remove the full spectrum of conducted power-line noise in all modes. And, they convert a noisy safety ground to a noise-free signal ground. It’s an approach that has proven uniquely effective against all electrical disturbances.

Features and Benefits

- Reliable low impedance transformer design: provides constant and consistent protection against voltage spikes.
- Tight surge let-through: highest possible assurance that conducted transient voltages won’t damage or degrade hardware components.
- Virtual Kelvin Ground: maximizes system reliability by preventing “soft errors” and other symptoms of logic disruption caused by high-frequency noise.
- Optional ONEGROUNDtechnology: prevents costly damage to I/O boards, minimizes disruption and degradation caused by ground voltage differentials.
- Front panel indicator lights: inform the user of output power and possible wiring fault conditions.
- Maintenance-free: no parts that wear out so total lifetime cost is limited to the original purchase price.
- Small footprint, optional wallmount, quiet operation: unobtrusively fits into any environment.
- Plug and play: easy installation saves money and adds flexibility.
- Designed and manufactured under ISO 9001: assures consistent quality and performance.
- Safety approvals: UL, cUL and CE on I models
- 5-year warranty: the best assurance of product quality and performance in the industry.

Product Datasheet 917-168-PCm.pdf
Operation Manual 913465C_PCm_Manual.pdf

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