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BACS - Battery Analyze & Care System - NEW GENERATION

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Power & Environmental Management Systems for Data Centres

The BACS battery management system from Critical Power Supplies manages the operational values of each individual battery and optimizes battery charging using its patented EQUALIZING technology, increasing the durability of batteries by over 30%.

BACS C20/30/40 module with external temperature sensor for 12V, 6V and 2-4V accumulators between 7-3000 Ah, with individual block voltage regulation. LED status and error display and bus cable connections.
- Patent-Nr.: DE 10 200 4013 351.4 -

The BACS components.


- Monitoring of battery groups from 192 of up to 256 single units (depending on BACS WEBMANAGER model)

B) Accumulator Modules

- Measurement of voltage, temperature and internal resistance
- Equalizing uniformly distributes the voltage to batteries

C) Bus Coupling

- Simple and quick installation using clipp-on on bus connections
- Easily retrofit almost any battery cabinet or UPS installation

EQUALIZING harmonizes charging and discharging processes in an auto-adaptative way guaranteeing that each battery will be charged optimally, even if the whole battery group is being supplied by one single AC or DC charging unit. By providing for simultaneous attainment of targeted charging capacities this technology avoids the negative influence that batteries can have upon each other. Most importantly, it protects batteries from being irreversibly damaged by preventing total over- and discharging.

Features and Benefits.

- Monitoring and control of battery groups from 192 of up to 256 single units (depending on BACS WEBMANAGER model)
- Available for 12V, 6V, 2-4V batteries from 7Ah to 3000Ah capacity
- Easy retrofitting on existing battery systems
- BACS Starter Kit includes BACS WEBMANAGER, Accumulator Cx-Modules, BACS Distribution Box, BACS Hard- & Software Tool Kit, link and flat cables
- Optional built-in modem for PPP connections
- Optional auxiliary sensors

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