Critical Watch Enhanced

Critical Watch Enhanced
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Critical Watch Enhanced

The Critical Watch Enhanced makes telemetry simple and affordable, whatever your application, wherever your location, wherever your equipment is, whatever your industry.

The Critical Watch Enhanced is affordable and flexible, satisfying a range of applications and providing the user with simple yet powerful configurable options.

The Critical Watch Enhanced has an integral display, low cost wire free communications that works across the world and can be powered from an integral battery.

The Critical Watch Enhanced saves time & money. It is telemetry that makes sense.

The Critical Watch Enhanced is a single box telemetry solution with four inputs (each with its own power supply for the sensor) and two contact outputs. It is intended to simplify the process of choosing, setting up and operating a telemetry system. It has a large LCD screen that allows it to be setup and commissioned extremely easily using a logical menu system. It logs data and sends wirelessly, it sends alarms and it displays the readings on the screen. It can be powered by it’s own internal battery or an external power source.

Its primary means of communication is using the GSM phone networks. It is a fully quad band enabled design, allowing it to communicate using SMS and GPRS data worldwide. It integrates GPS, an accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a large data logging memory, USB 2.0 connectivity, an integral antenna and capacitive buttons. Pluggable terminals allow ease of wiring and an expansion slot allows future applications to be accommodated. It can be powered from the internal battery (for up to 5 years) or externally from any 6-24V DC supply. All of this functionality is wrapped up in a single IP67 rated enclosure measuring a tiny 138 × 75 × 68mm.

Integral Programmable Processor allowing you to provide scaling information as well as tag names & units of measure, either locally or remotely. You can also program how often the unit takes readings, how often it transmits, alarm thresholds and phone numbers.metron2 wireless rtu

Quad band GSM for global operation with GPRS capabilities.

Weatherproof " the Critical Watch Enhanced comes in an IP67 enclosure.

Data logging and real time clock"the Critical Watch Enhanced can store up to 1,500 records.

Approved"designed to meet CE, ROHS, WEEE, UL, PTCRB and FCC approvals.

Battery monitoring"the Critical Watch Enhanced monitors the state of the battery and tells you when you need to change it.

Integral antenna"plus the option for external antenna.

Self checking "the Metron looks after itself, making sure the modem, the micro-processor and the power supply are working OK and ensures the current draw is as it should be. Diagnostic features allows the user to quickly ensure the sim card is OK and the signal strength is acceptable.

Integral temperature sensor with configurable alarm functionality.

Rate of change alarms on analogue inputs, fully programmable.

Wide temperature range (-20 to +55 deg C operational temperature, -40 to + 80 deg C storage temperature).

Compact"the Metron 2 measures just 138 × 76 mm

Optional GPS – can be used to monitor location as well as the inputs parameters.

Integral accelorometer- the screen rotates to suit installation orientation, and can be used to wake up GPS if moved.

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