Critical Watch Meter

Critical Watch Meter SMS
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Critical Watch Meter

The Critical Watch Meter is ideal for remote meter reading. The battery powered unit sends a text message every day with the meter reading. The text message can be sent to either your mobile phone or our web based data
hosting solution, Gateway. Utilising the latest microprocessor technology coupled with state of the art GSM engineering the new

Critical Watch Meter provides the most economical solution for remote telemetry with the added advantage of being self powered to ease installation and maintenance.

Using the GSM (mobile phone) network to communicate means there is no need to install a phone line making the system flexible, portable and removes the need for customer interaction.

This version of the Critical Watch Lite has a plug in board fitted into the D type connector on the front of the main circuit board. This additional board incorporates the real time clock with a battery backup. When the main battery
is connected the real time clock draws it power from this, but when power is removed the small on board battery takes over and this has a life of 4 years.

The unit can be programmed locally or remotely. When local the user has a series of pushbuttons and an LCD display making the process very quick and easy there is little training involved.

Features and Benefits.

Monitor your assets from anywhere in the world
- Integral Programmable Processor
- 4 pulse inputs for meter reading etc.
- Battery powered- typical life of 2 years
- Graphical display to help with configuration
- Tri band GSM for global operation
- Weatherproof enclosure
- Compatible with Gateway web based data
- Pulse inputs: volt free contact or voltage, 33 kohm input impedance, 10 Hz max
Integral battery: 2 year life typically. 14.5 AH, 3.6V
Maximum count : 4294967295
Remote programming: By text message
- Text message: Once per day
Dimensions : enclosure 180×130×75mm backplate 140×115mm
- Programmable parameters : 4 numbers in the phone book
Tag names for each of the 4 inputs
Pre-scalar for each channel
Transmit time (when each day text message is sent)
Units of measure for each channel (eg litres)
Reset or rollover count, once text message is sent

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A GOOD & FRIENDLY SERVICE I CAN TRUST I ordered an Eaton UPS from Critical Power Supplies to replace my old and unreliable Belkin UPS and it arrived within a few days but when I tried it I discovered I did not make the right choice. I contacted James who sympathised with me and worked together to find a suitable model for my needs. The courier arrived the same day believe it or not to collect the UPS I ordered and the replacement Eaton UPS was despatched immediately and arrived within a couple of days. The replacement UPS suited me just fine . I feel a company that provides a good honest service deserves some credit and here it is from me. Looking for a UPS? You can't go wrong with Critical Power Supplies in my experience
Paul Irwin, United Kingdom
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