SMA Sunny Mini Central SMC-8000TL

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Sunny Mini Central From Critical Power Supplies

The SUNNY MINI CENTRAL SMC-8000TL Grid Connect Inverter from Critical Power Supplies. The most impressive aspect of the Sunny Mini Central 8000TL is their firstclass efficiency: they reliably and consistently feed maximum energy yields into the public grid, while their graduated power classes guarantee maximum flexibility in system planning. They are suitable for implementation in smaller systems, as well as in the realization of solar parks with capacities of several hundred kilowatts. Due to the robust aluminum die-cast housing, and the proven cooling system OptiCool, these devices provide perfect temperature management. Thus, they achieve maximum yields, even at high ambient temperatures. The galvanic isolation provides flexible connection possibilities: the Sunny Mini Centrals can be implemented with crystalline cells, as well as with thinfilm modules.

FeaturesHighly efficient cooling system OptiCool Electric separation Integrated DC load-disconnecting switch ESS Worldwide SMA service and SMA Serviceline Comprehensive SMA warranty program

Maximum flexibility for medium-sized PV systems

Our Sunny Mini Central offers unlimited combination possibilities and is suitable for all solar power systems from 15 kW to over 100 kW. Almost any system configuration can be implemented using the four power classes 5, 6, 7 and 8 kW with three-phase switching. For all those who have large module surfaces that are divided into smaller units and want to keep the housing for the system technology close to the generator, there is no better alternative. The Sunny Mini Central can easily be installed indoors or outdoors and requires no additional construction.

Innovative Technology

As the first inverter with the SMA-developed H5 topology, the transformerless Sunny Mini Central can operate at an efficiency level of over 98%. This means that the electricity generated from the modules can be converted into a grid-compatible alternating current at a near 1:1 ratio and then fed straight into the public mains grid. You not only get the maximum achievable yield, but also the lowest price per watt thanks to the low purchase costs. The transformerless Sunny Mini Central hence offers the shortest amortization time available today. The inverter also includes Power Balancer, an intelligent unbalanced load management system that guarantees optimal compliance with power utility company guidelines.

Optimal Error Safety

With the Electronic Solar Switch DC integrated circuit breaker and the SMA Grid guard 2 active grid-monitoring system, the Sunny Mini Central is equipped with the most advanced safety features for all work on either the solar power system or the AC voltage grid. By wiring fewer strings per inverter, additional string monitoring is no longer necessary. Defects can be immediately identified on the integrated display of each Sunny Mini Central. Its electronic configuration matches the smaller inverters as closely as possible. Since it requires no special knowledge in central inverter technology, maintenance work can be performed by any certified contractor.

Dual Concept

The Sunny Mini Central is available with or without a transformer. While the transformerless concept offers the ability to use the latest technologies like H5 topology and is also extremely light weight, the transformer device is the first choice for those who want galvanic isolation and an extended temperature range of up to 50 C in ambient temperature. Regardless of which type is used – you can choose from a wide range of different system monitoring components that offer you greater investment security.

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Dimensions: 468Wx242Dx613Hmm
Format: Wall mount
Availability: Available on 1-2weeks leadtime if not exstock, please contact us for the latest information

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