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Fuel Cells

SMA Hydro Boy

Fuel cells from Critical Power Supplies provide a more environmentally friendly form of power than diesel generators. They are a viable alternative where a generator cannot be used due to limited installation space, organisation environmental policies requiring carbon-neutral technologies and the use of ‘clean energy’ or where planning permission cannot be granted due to noise pollution restrictions.

Fuel cells are comparatively quiet aside from the electricity they generate (and heat), their only other output is water vapour. Their relatively compact size and footprints makes them ideal alternatives to standby diesel generators for long runtime applications. Their fuel is hydrogen which will require storage onsite in the form of readily available canisters.

Critical Power Supplies aims to supply the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly power systems. We only work with ‘best in class’ technology partners who can meet our supply chain standards for quality, health and safety, and environmental ECO management.

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