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SMA Hydro Boy 1124

SMA Hydro Boy
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SMA Hydro Boy Fuel Cell

The SMA HYDRO BOY 1124 Fuel Cell from Critical Power Supplies a powerful compact device from Europes leading alternative energy manufacturer.

SMA Hydro Boy 1124 long operating times and many system applications: the Hydro Boy 1124 is the time-tested SMA inverter for standard fuel cell systems. The devices have a transformer on the grid feed-in side, which qualifies them for direct grid feed-in anywhere in the world. For AC power scaling, the devices can simply be connected in parallel. And as supplemental power sources in stand-alone grids, they are the ideal addition to SMA solar and off-grid inverters.

Features and Benefits

- Low input voltage range is ideal for fuel cells
- High input current of up to 56 A

- Certified for the most countries (SMA Grid Guard)
- Galvanic isolation

- Grid-parallel operation
- For use in stand-alone grids with Sunny Island
- Optional auto-start function

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Our customers say

Excellent value, provided alongside excellent customer service.
Graham Monkman , Frodsham
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