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Jill - November 2013, London on November 11, 2013Read the full testimonial >

BRILLANT SERVICE - Wonderful service and great information provided with battery.

Mark, London on November 6, 2013Read the full testimonial >

Hi Mark, Very impressed with the service. UPS arrived this morning; that is great service. Regards, Mark

Tony, on February 11, 2013Read the full testimonial >

5 star products and service Excellent advice, great UPS unit and reasonable about delivery charges

Mr Keith McCallister, , on January 24, 2013Read the full testimonial >

Easy order process, quick delivery Easy order process online, quite quick as well. Delivery turned up pretty quickly too!

Mr Phillip Dumbell,, UK on January 22, 2013Read the full testimonial >

All as promised! Phoned first and advised to place order online as it would be cheaper for me as a personal customer and order came well packed and as expected. Would use again.

Julian, London on January 10, 2013Read the full testimonial >

Phoned to make sure generator was in stock, very friendly and helpful, great service, great price.

Carl Gibbard, United Kingdom on December 6, 2012Read the full testimonial >

The products were in my possession on the second day and I was delighted. You cannot ask for better service and they seem a nice bunch of people - it all helps.

James Carter, UK on November 7, 2012Read the full testimonial >

Recently found that my Yuasa battery, which powered my golf trolley had given up. Upon searching the web found your company, which was extremely helpful by way of the "chat line". Ordered the replacement, which was delivered 48 hours later. It was cheaper that your competitors and I thank you for the excellent service.

Pete, UK on November 7, 2012Read the full testimonial >

Very Prompt Service indeed! Found Critical power Supplies Ltd whilst googling for APC UPS parts, very competitive prices and delivery charges too.

G Allen, UK on October 31, 2012Read the full testimonial >

Well priced with quick delivery - a great basic UPS for a small office

John Savage, UK on October 15, 2012Read the full testimonial >

The online chat facility gave me expert advice on which UPS to buy. Ordering was straight forward and delivery early next day. UPS installed and working fine.

Mr Pete Robinson, UK on October 12, 2012Read the full testimonial >

A full and excellent service I was guided through the choice of an UPS by a technical adviser who researched my intended use and advised accordingly. The order I placed arrived promptly by courier and in good condition.

Fullpoint Probe Services, UK on September 28, 2012Read the full testimonial >

Excellent service I was delighted with the prompt delivery of my replacement battery. It was correct, as described and delivered very quickly. I will certainly be using CPS again.

Mr Douglas Long, UK on September 13, 2012Read the full testimonial >

Fast Fast Fast!! Ordered UPS at 07:30 Thursday, arrived 12:30 Friday, at no charge for delivery! Excellent service and excellent value

Scott, Slough on May 10, 2012Read the full testimonial >

Order from these guys without really knowing what I was looking for, opened a chat box from the site and was surprised to find a human on the other end who could advise what I needed and links on the site to purchase. Placed my order at 23.00 and it arrived next day without paying for next day delivery. Next day thought I would chance my arm and once again asked a question, answer was immediate as was delivery next day again. Recommended my company look into using these guys brilliant service and turnaround time.

Chris Ead, Kent on May 10, 2012Read the full testimonial >

This is the third time I have ordered from Critical Power Supplies this year. Each time the order has arrived on time and in good working order. Well done

Paul Freeland, UK on April 18, 2012Read the full testimonial >

Good product, good price and good delivery! The battery in my APC UPS finally needed replacing after about 7 years. Critical Power Supplies made it easy to get hold of a new one. Not a replica, but an authentic one from APC, complete with detailed installation instructions and information on recycling the old one. A professional service.

Duncan, UK on March 27, 2012Read the full testimonial >

Excellent Fast service with a brilliant customer service.

Rob Gregory , UK on March 7, 2012Read the full testimonial >

Very good product, easy to setup

James , Birmingham on March 7, 2012Read the full testimonial >

Arrived quicker than advertised

george,, UK on March 7, 2012Read the full testimonial >

bloody brilliant

Neal Evans , UK on March 6, 2012Read the full testimonial >

A fantastic customer experience – unparalleled!

Graham Monkman , Frodsham on March 6, 2012Read the full testimonial >

Excellent value, provided alongside excellent customer service.

Rob Gregory , London on February 22, 2012Read the full testimonial >

Fast ,efficient service and competitve prices

Kevin , Walton on February 13, 2012Read the full testimonial >

Very prompt. Processed order, payment and delivery within 24 hrs.

Janet Paske , UK on February 9, 2012Read the full testimonial >

Great service. I can recommend them.

Chris , West Malling on January 14, 2012Read the full testimonial >


Robin, Chester on January 10, 2012Read the full testimonial >

Fast service at a good price

Tony, Lancashire on July 31, 2011Read the full testimonial >

"Thanks. Your service is superb. I will certainly use your company for any service or hardware in the future. Tony"

Derek T, on July 30, 2011Read the full testimonial >

"Many thanks for arranging AM Thursday delivery and for picking up the cost. May I just say that I always believe the mark of a good company is not just how they operate when things are going normally, but really how they perform when things get fouled up. I am happy to say that I feel you have responded very well both in communication and in action. This incident has not in any way generated a negative feeling but has in fact greatly enhancing my opinion of you organisation. Well done!"