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UPS and battery removal and recycling services to exacting environmental management standards.

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UPS and Battery removal, disposal and recycling requires careful planning and execution in an industry that:

  • Relies On Consumable Components: batteries are the principle consumable component within a UPS and even with a five year design life they will require removal, disposal and recycling within typically a three-to-four year period (dependent upon usage and environmental conditions.
  • Is Subject To Technological Advances: UPS technologies continue to advance in terms of their operating efficiencies and impact on the local environment. Energy savings for today’s UPS, taken with their reduced size, features and operating modes can make the upgrade of systems between five and ten years old, attractive.

Removing an entire UPS system from site requires a full decommissioning to make the system safe and a potential strip down, especially where the logistics are complicated. This service is normally completed by our commissioning team and the subsequent removal and disposal can present our logistics team with health and safety and project management issues.

Once removed from site Critical Power Supplies can then provide fully certified disposal to the relevant environmental standards using approved Waste Carriers and WEEE Recycling centres.

To discuss our UPS and battery removal, disposal and recycling services – complete our Enquiry Form, call 0800 978 8988 or send us an email.