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Plug And Receptacle Table

Critical Power Supplies has put together the following information in order to help customers understand the different types of plugs in use.

Note: Input plugs are male and output sockets are female to ensure the user cannot touch bare wires and receive a potentially lethal electric shock.

How to Order.

Step One – Choose Voltage and Region.
Step Two – Choose your Input end type – Plug or bare wires.
Step Three – Decide on your cable length, type (Low smoke, Artic, PVC, SY, HO7, SWA).
Step Four – Choose your Output end type – Socket or bare wires.
Step Five – Call Sales on 0800 978 8988 to place your order.

If require advice call us on 0800 978 8988, fax your enquiry to 0845 519 3639 or email us. If you cannot find the information you are looking for on our website, please let us know.

UK and European Sockets – 230V 50Hz

Name / Rating Type Product Photograph
BS 1363-A 13amp Input
IEC320 C14 10 amp Input
IEC320 C13 10 amp Output
IEC320 C19 16amp Output
IEC320 C20 16amp Input
Plug 2P+E 16A 200-250V (IP44) Input
2P+E 16A 200-250V (IP44) Output
2P+E 32A 200-250V (IP44) Input
2P+E 32A 200-250V (IP44) Output
IEC309-60 63A 5wire 63amp Input
IEC 309 P+N+G 63A Twist lock 63amp Input
IEC 309 P+N+G 63A Twist lock 63amp Output
Schuko CEE7-7 13amp Input

UK and European Sockets – 415V 50Hz

Name / Rating Type Product Photograph
5 Pin 415V 63amp Input
5 Pin 415V 63amp Output

North American Sockets – 110V 60Hz

Name / Rating Type Product Photograph
5-15P Input
5-20R 20Amp Output
5-50R Output
6-15P 15Amp Input
L5-30P 30Amp Input
L5 30R 30Amp Output
L6 16R 16Amp Output
L6 20P 20Amp Input
L6 20R 20Amp Output
L6 30P 30Amp Input
L6 30R 30Amp Output