GE Digital Energy LP11 Series 5kVA UPS with battery

LP11 Series 5kVA UPS
Product datasheet
GE LP11 Series 5kVA UPS

The GE Digital Energy’s LP11 Series 5kVA UPS from Critical Power Supplies is a true VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent) on line, double conversion transformer-based UPS incorporating the most advanced power electronics technology and engineered to provide the highest level of protection for all critical loads from all utility variances and failure.

The LP11 is designed with an integrated transformer ensuring galvanic isolation on the output for ultimate safe installation. The UPS is easy to install and service and can be integrated into office environments as well as more hardened commercial and industrial environments. GE’s unique RPA (Redundant Parallel Architecture) provides a scalable system, allowing the user to parallel up to 4 UPS
as load demands require. RPA also allows for redundant
UPS to be installed, increasing total system reliability and eliminating single points of failure.

- Features & Benefits Compact footprint and low noise – Easy to maneuver and install; suitable for installation even next to the user
- Isolation transformer design – Ensuring no DC on the output; ultimate site safety
- Matching battery cabinets – Extended runtime for all models
- Compliance to all safety and EMI standards – CE certified
- High reliability – >220,000 hours MTBF

- Key Specifications Single Phase Output Voltages – 220/230/240V
- Wide input voltage window – Minimizes battery use, prolongs battery life
- RPA functionality for paralleling and redundancy – UPS capacity can be increased as site requirements require at no extra cost
- Internal automatic bypass switch – Continuous power supply to the load even if the UPS is overloaded
- 0.8 output power factor – Prevents the need to oversize the UPS
- Manual automatic bypass switch – Integrated as standard to the rear of the UPS
- GE’s unique Superior Battery Management – Ultimate protection for the UPS core component
- High efficiency 91% – 94% (model dependent) – Using ECO mode, high efficiency and low losses- No load shutdown – Prevents deep battery discharge al low loads
- Frequency conversion 50/60Hz – Operates as a frequency converter also operating in a parallel system

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Very professional Great customer liaison. Sent me an 'extra' so I can use the item for a slightly unusual function. Lots of good paperwork back up. Highly recommended. Thank you
Cesca, United Kingdom
Product Specifications
SKU 12362
Rating: 5kVA/4KW
Runtime: 14minutes
Dimensions: 313Wx590Dx537Hmm
Technology: On-line UPS
Format: Floor Standing
Nett Weight: 110
Standard Warranty: 12 months
Availability: Available for same day dispatch

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