GE Digital Energy VH Series 1500VA On-line UPS

VH Series UPS
Product datasheet
GE VH Series 1500VA UPS On-line

The GE Digital Energy VH 1500VA On-line UPS from Critical Power Supplies is a true VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent) on line, double conversion range providing secure power for all business-critical applications.

Battery Runtime Chart

GE Energy UPS Model Battery extension voltage/capacity V/Ah Total Capacity Ah Typical Runtime 100% / 50% load minutes
1000VA UPS 36 / 7 7 7 / 18
UPS + 1 battery pack 36 / 14 21 32 / 70
UPS + 2 battery pack 36 / 14+14 35 59 / 97
1500VA UPS 36 / 9 9 6 / 15
UPS + 1 battery pack 36 / 14 23 21 / 54
UPS + 2 battery pack 36 / 14+14 37 41 / 76

Each battery pack contains the relevant cable.

With a tower and/or rackmount design, the UPS adapts to adjusting network configurations as facility load
requirements change.

Features and Benefits

- Unique failsafe internal bypass
Continued operation even with overload or over-temperature
- 2U design for all ratings
Small footprint; all parts delivered for tower or rack assembly
- Hot swappable batteries
Simple battery replacement without disruption to the load
- Matching battery cabinets
Longer battery life available with the addition of extra battery cabinet(s)
- Superior Battery Management
Providing protection to the battery and extending the battery life
- Remote monitoring
Easy access and control even for unmanned or isolated sites
- MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) >730,000 hours
Proven reliability
- Key Specifications Single Phase Output Voltage 208/220/230/240V
- Wide input voltage range
130V to 280V minimizing battery use
- 50/60Hz operation
Can be used as a permanent frequency converter
- Phase neutral reversal protection
No risk of unsafe connection
- High overload capability
Continued protection even if overloaded
- Precise output frequency regulation
Optimized for use with a generator
- Wide operating temperature
UPS can operate between -10C to 40C

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Duncan, UK
Product Specifications
SKU 18458
Rating: 1500VA/1050W
Runtime: 11minutes
Dimensions: 87W(2U)x472Dx440Hmm
Technology: On-line UPS
Format: Dual: Tower/Rack
Nett Weight: 19.3
Standard Warranty: 36 months
Availability: Available for same day disaptch

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