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Uninterruptible Power Supplies for Networks, Servers and Telecoms Switches and Critical Applications

Network File Server PABX UPS, with a range of KVA and Runtime options, including Tower or Rackmount Solutions. Remotely monitored via SNMP or RS232 cable.

Uninterruptible power supplies 1-2kVA Single Phase UPS with standard and extended runtime options for use in Local and Wide Area Networks (LANs/WANs) to protect critical network applications, file servers, PoE, VOIP and PABX telecoms systems from mains power failures including blacks outs and accidential damage whilst also providing power conditioning. These UPS solutions are ‘plug and play’ offering a built-in battery back-up runtime with options for additional extended runtime upto sevreral hours. Formats include: tower UPS, floor standing UPS, rackmount UPS and dual format UPS capable of either tower or 19" rackmount installation.

Critical Power Supplies only works with the ‘best in class’ UPS brands and manufacturers who meet our supply chain standards for quality, health and safety, and environmental ECO management.

For advice on UPS, a site survey or quotation, call us on 0800 978 8988, fax your specification/tender to 0845 519 3639 or email us. If you cannot find the brand, size or product you are looking for on our website, please let us know.

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Power Solutions for Network File Servers and Telecoms PBXs

At Critical Power Supplies we protect more than just power. We protect your mission critical systems. Almost every organisation runs at least one file server and one telecoms PABX without them they cannot run.

Our UPS systems bring power integrity and resilience to your business continuity planning. We help to ensure your can run through a mains power failure, protecting your systems, reputation and client base from disruption.

With an ageing infrastructure and power demand:supply gap, the UK is forecast to reach critical breaking point in its electrical distribution over the next few years. At Critical Power Supplies we are ready to help you protect your systems.

Our Power and Energy teams are available to review your requirements – call us on 0800 978 8988 seven days a week to a arrange a free of charge site audit Tenders, specifications or brochures can be sent as attachments to your email or please fax them to us on 0845 519 3639 – we will come back to you within 30minutes.

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