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Single Phase Output UPS Systems / Standby Power

Single phase output Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) / Standby Power with a single phase (1/1) or three phase (3/1) input supply. UPS Systems up to 3kVA use ‘fit and forget’ but may also be hardwired for additional power security. 3kVA UPS solutions will use a commando style industrial plug and socket and from 2kVA and below the UPS will plug into a suitably rated wall socket. Above 3kVA the size of the UPS installation means that systems are hardwired. Battery runtimes can be extended using standard battery extension packs and a host of options are available for each system including wall mount bypass panels, remote monitoring, remote LED display panel and Power Monitoring over the network.

Critical Power Supplies offer a variety of desktop UPS, floor standing UPS and rack mount UPS Solutions.

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