Community Policy

In Critical Power Supplies our business strategy is for sustainable growth through a focus on Critical Power and Standby Power in the UK and internationally. We recognise that to achieve our strategy we must operate in a responsible way towards the communities in which we live and operate. We also recognise the essential role our communities play in helping us to deliver our business strategy. We have developed a community strategy to guide our work with the communities we serve, supporting our corporate responsibility commitment and adding value to our core business strategy. This is underpinned by our Community Policy.

1. Scope
This policy applies to Critical Power Supplies

2. Policy
We are committed to:

• Being a good neighbour, working to reduce any potential negative impacts from our operations;
• Supporting economic benefit and regeneration through our operations, our workforce and through our supply chain;
• Supporting employee volunteering to enhance skills and support communities where we live and operate.

We will deliver this by:

• supporting educational engagement with our customers and communities.
• actively encouraging employee volunteering to benefit our communities and employee personal development.
• engaging in stakeholder dialogue to continually review the scope and impact of the community involvement programme.
• developing and maintaining clear guidelines and mechanisms for undertaking charitable giving.
• being open and transparent in our approach, monitoring and reporting of performance.

3. Governance
The Corporate Responsibility Committee of Critical Power Supplies provides regular oversight of performance, including strategy, risk, policies, and supporting measures and targets in conjunction with the Critical Power Supplies Management Team.

4. Responsibilities
This policy applies to all individuals who are employed by, or carry out work on behalf of, Critical Power Supplies including contractors, temporary staff and agency workers.

5. Supporting Information
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