Power Containers – fast, efficient power protection.

Containerised UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is a turnkey power protection system, delivered complete to the customer in an ISO shipping container, ready to be connected to the customer’s electricity distribution network and deliver robust and reliable power protection quickly and efficiently. Power containers are the new turnkey solution for meeting urgent power protection needs or for quickly increasing capacity to cover data centre expansion, for example, without the lengthy and expensive process of building bricks and mortar facilities.

Critical Power Projects can supply power containers incorporating a total solution, including: UPS, back up batteries (or flywheel UPS), generators, fuel tanks, switchgear, and cooling technology – all pre-configured, tested and ready to go.

Compared to building a whole, new, bricks and mortar facility, power containers can be ordered, delivered and connected within a short time – weeks rather than months. We stock much of the equipment required to build power containers, particularly the latest high-capacity generators. If we do not have it in stock, we have close working relationships with several leading manufacturers, including priority order fulfilment, which means we can get your power container to you even faster.

Power containers are growing in popularity because they are quick and convenient to implement. If a business has ran out of space within it to accommodate additional equipment, an ISO containerised UPS can be located in a car park, on a flat roof or in a basement (if entry is possible). They can help to support IT and business growth. They can also provide a temporary solution for certain facilities (such as the military, if they are setting up camp somewhere temporarily, such as in Afghanistan or Iraq. They can be used at conferences and events, schools and hospitals. Containerisation also enables them to be easily and conveniently disconnected and removed when necessary and/or redeployed elsewhere if required.

Power containers carry a smaller footprint than all of their component parts would if they were installed separately within a building and they are highly efficient because of the way they are configured and operated and the fact that they contain the latest, energy efficient UPS equipment.

Power containers enable operators (such as data centres) to attain extremely low PUE (power usage effectiveness) ratings and earn full Tier 3 certification, which stipulates 99.999% uptime.

Power containers can be purchased or rented short-term from Critical Power Projects. Containerised UPS can help to balance capital expenditure and operating expenses.