Did you know that Critical Power Supplies offers a comprehensive range of services for UK customers including eco-friendly trade in and recycling? Shown below are just a fraction of the end of life services we offer.

Critical Power Supplies is a registered carrier of hazardous waste with the Environment Agency.

UPS Disposal.

Regardless of your make or model of UPS, the service team at Critical Power Supplies provides a number of eco-friendly end of life trade in and recycling services. Designed to make end of life easier and reduce our impact on the environment.

Updating or recycling hardware does not have to cost the earth and very often we offer a trade in price for updating or disposing of your old hardware regardless of age or condition.

Examples of UPS end of life services by rating.

Product Rating UPS Disposal £, excl. carriage and VAT Disposal Certificate
1-4kVA £99.00 £95.00
5kVA-9kVA £155.00 £95.00
10-30kVA £265.00 £95.00
40-90kVA £375.00 £95.00
100-200kVA £595.00 £95.00
200kVA + P.O.A £95.00

Please note:

As part of a turnkey supply and installation project Critical Power Supplies can decommission existing equipment and recycle as part of our project.

Battery Disposal

Critical Power Supplies Ltd offer a free disposal & recycling service. All you have to do is arrange to deliver your old batteries to us at your cost and if you would like to be sent information on our battery disposal process please call us on 0845 519 3638 and ask for service. We can also arrange dismantling of a battery bank and provide battery bins for safe transportation, including arranging collection by our preferred carrier and forwarding to our recycling centre.

Our disposal and recycling partner is registered with and acts in accordance with the following requirements;

Environment Agency Waste Management Licence for the treatment and transfer of waste batteries
Waste Carriers Registration Certificate
Goods Vehicle Operator’s Licence
IS09001:2000 Quality Systems accreditation
IS014001 Environment Management System accreditation

Please note:

This service is only available for valve-regulated sealed lead-acid (VRSLA) batteries. It is not suitable for automotive batteries or non sealed batteries and cannot be used for either type of battery.

We suggest a maximum package weight is 30kg for health and safety reasons. If any package is likely to be over this weight the contents will need to be split into two or more packages and packed appropriately.

Care should be taken when packing the batteries for return. Used batteries can be dangerous and it is essential that they are packed in a way that prevents them shorting on each other, moving significantly within the package or being damaged.

For further details please contact us

Generator Disposal

Critical Power Supplies Ltd offer a generator disposal & recycling service if you would like to be sent information on our Generator disposal process please call us on 0845 519 3638 and ask for service.