Eaton Basic ePDU’s available from Critical Power Supplies for same day and next working day delivery enhancing your Critical Power within your Datacentre, IT Rack, Telecommunication Rack or Defence application.

Features and Benefits.

- Rugged construction
- Data centre grade components
- Shrouded circuit breakers and switches
- High-density units available to support blade servers and network switches
- Eaton ePDUs are designed for mission critical reliability in server applications
- Wide choice of outlets, including UK, Schuko, French, Nema, C13, C19
- Up to 3 types of outlet on custom zero U ePDUs
- Choose from a standard set of products, or custom products to meet the most demanding needs
- Vertical zero U, or horizontal 1U/2U configurations
- Isolation mounting available to provide maximum enclosure integrity
- Multi-option mounting improves installation flexibility. Have confidence that Zero U ePDUs can be adapted to suit any on-site rack configuration

Models Available from the Eaton ePDU Basic Range

Part Number Product Homepage Function Input Plug Output Receptacles
ePBZ02 ePBZ02 BA C14 (12) C13
ePBZ03 ePBZ03 BA C20 (16) C13
ePBZ05 "ePBZ05"pdus/basic-pdus/Eaton-Enclosure-Basic-Power-Distribution-Unit-ePBZ05 BA C14 (16) C13
ePBZ20 ePBZ20 BA BS (4) BS
ePBZ21 ePBZ21 BA BS (6) BS
ePBZ22 ePBZ22 BA BS (8) BS
ePBZ23 ePBZ23 BA BS (10) BS
ePBZ24 ePBZ24 BA BS (12) BS
ePBZ31 ePBZ31 BA 309-32A (20) C13, (4) C19
ePBZ32 ePBZ32 BA 309-16A (20) C13, (4) C19
ePBZ33 ePBZ33 BA C20 (20) C13, (4) C19
PW312BA0UC07 PW312BA0UC07 BA 309-4PE-16A (36) C13, (6) C19
PW322BA0UC56 PW322BA0UC56 BA 309-4PE-32A (3) C13, (6) C19
PW322BA0UC57 PW322BA0UC57 BA 309-4PE-32A (6) C19
Seven Day Lead Time From Order
ePBZ01 ePBZ02 BA C14 (12) C13
ePBZ04 ePBZ04 BA C14 (16) C13
ePBZ06 ePBZ06 BA C14 (16) C13