Modular UPS is advancing, particularly in the data centre arena, and Eaton’s BladeUPS range is no exception. It is gaining ground as one of the industry leaders, offering reliable, energy-efficient backup power protection for critical IT systems that is right-sized for today but has the flexibility to support the changing needs of tomorrow. Eaton has incorporated some clever technology to address the short-comings of earlier modular UPS products.

When modular UPS first came on the scene, early models were criticised for introducing potential single points of failure from shared components, such as a battery banks, transfer switches, control and display units. With Eaton’s patented approach, each UPS module operates independently, yet is completely synchronised with the others. There is no change in control, therefore, no single point of failure.

The primary concept of modular UPS is that further power capacity can be added to a UPS system gradually and in incremental steps, thus making it far easier to right-size for today while leaving room to expand tomorrow as requirements grow. The concept also offers operational advantages such as high energy efficiency from optimising load capacity, cost-effective and easy maintenance and repair through hot-swap architecture (that can be carried out by IT staff and doesn’t require specialist engineering skill).

Customers can start out with one (or more) modular BladeUPS units at 12kW each as their primary uninterruptible power protection. Each unit sits in a Blade server rack and takes up 6U of standard rack space (including batteries). It can be located alongside computer equipment if required, with back up batteries adjacent or in the same rack. Customers can expand the system by slotting in further 12kW modules as and when required (to a maximum of seven per rack to include an N+1 redundancy). Further capacity and redundancy can be added by paralleling two or more racks of modular UPS. IT personnel can simply plug additional modules into the parallel bus bar and the system will automatically detect paralleled modules and fully configures itself for operation.

The BladeUPS can be deployed in a variety of system architectures (centralised, zone power, distributed or hybrid) to support the specific requirements of a customer’s application and the desired level of redundancy (Tier I – Tier IV, as defined by the Uptime Institute). Runtime can be extend to 34 minutes at full load (or 76 minutes at half load) by adding in extended battery modules (EBMs).

Eaton’s BladeUPS features at a glance:

UPS designed specifically for high-density computing environments.
• BladeUPS supports the constant moves, adds and changes of today’s dynamic data centers by providing a modular, scalable, and flexible backup power architecture.
• It conserves valuable rack space by taking up only 6U of rack height (including batteries).
• It facilitates growth by enabling building-block upgrades from 12kW to 60kW in a single rack enclosure.
• It reduces energy costs and cooling needs through best-in-class efficiency performance.
• It delivers the highest levels of reliability at the rack with patented Powerware® HotSync® paralleling technology and intelligent bypass design.
• It simplifies installation and service by enabling true plug-and-power connections and hot-swappable batteries and electronics modules.
• It increases battery life (and lowers UPS lifetime costs) through patented technology, resulting in more uptime and fewer battery replacements over the lifetime of the UPS.

High efficiency

The BladeUPS is proven to deliver 98 percent energy efficiency in normal operation. At <50% load, where efficiency is much lower but where many data centres typically operate, the UPS is said to perform more efficiently than competitors’ modular products at full load. Eaton states that the BladeUPS pays for itself through cost savings on energy and cooling alone.

But efficiency is not just about energy efficiency, it’s also about lifetime costs. High system efficiency extends battery runtime and produces cooler operating conditions within the UPS, which extends the life of components and increases overall reliability and performance.

For customers requiring flexibility and scalability from a UPS, Eaton’s BladeUPS is a smart solution.

At Critical Power Supplies, we supply a range of modular UPS solutions from leading manufacturers and are happy to discuss your requirements and let you know if modular UPS is a suitable solution for you.