How to Size a Solar Panel System

With the cost of energy climbing and global warming cobmined with peak oil concerns for many people, more homeowners and commercial building owners are considering solar power as the alternative energy of choice in the quest for an energy-efficient homes or buildings.

Solar energy can be used to power a range of applications, recharge batteries, power lighting appliances or to learn more about feeding energy back into the national grid and feed in tariffs.

The first step in calculating your solar power requirement is estimating your buildings or application average energy usage. Once you have this Critical Power Supplies can help you size your solar panel system accordingly.

Step One

Gather your electric utility bills from the past 12 months or login into your electricity providers website and view your bills/consumption on-line.

Step Two

Add together the actual kilowatt-hours (kWh) used for each of the 12 months and divide by 12 to find the average kWh used per month.

Step Three

Divide the average kWh used per month by 30 to find the average kWh used per day. Divide the result by 5, which is the average number of peak sun hours in the United States.

Step Four

Multiply the result from Step 3 by 1.43 to account for system losses. The result is the size of the solar power system in kilowatts that will meet your average energy needs.

Step Five

Once you have worked out your solar panel system size you can either contact us or request a call back to discuss your application. Alternative why not ask for a free site survey our site surveys are provided free of charge.

Things which you will require in order to make this calculation.

- Detailed Electric utility bills for the past 12 months.
- Calculator or pencil and paper.