Critical Power Supplies has been accredited as an Investors in People organisation by the business improvement framework body established in 1991. An award will be officially presented in February 2012.

What this means for our customers

“The process of working towards achieving the standard was rigorous and has enabled us to improve and enhance all areas of the business, not least how we serve customers, respond to their needs and offer real value. It also demonstrates our commitment to continuously refining our systems, services and processes and how we invest in employee development and empowerment.” Jason Koffler, managing director, Critical Power Supplies.

Applying for Investors in People demands dedication and commitment. It involves hard work and a focus on developing the business through people – whatever stakeholder they happen to be: employees, customers, suppliers.

Critical Power Supplies is a small company, so for us it was even more of a challenge. But, rather than depleting resources and undermining the amount of time and effort we put into dealing with customers and running the business, it actually made us more centred and streamlined. We are now able to get more done in less time. For a small business, it has enabled us to enhance customer service, massively strengthen profitability without increasing overheads and has improved our financial performance and productivity.

“This is a good demonstration of good practice for a company of this size to commit to Investors in People. There are already some areas of significant strength in place which will be an asset going forward.” A comment from the Investors in People recognition panel about Critical Power Supplies.

Critical Power Supplies was also commended for having strong and clear ethical values, extensive technical expertise, communication and leadership skill. The panel also highlighted the fact that it is rare to find a business of its kind committed to such values and so customer-focused.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Investors in People, either from the point of view of applying for your own organisation or what it means for you as a stakeholder (customer, employee, supplier, investor) in an accredited Investors in People business, visit Investors in People website