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Racktivity Power Management Solutions.

Racktivity is a data center and telco expert company enabling the best possible monitoring and management of power and environmentals in concentrated data centers and distributed remote locations like PoPs, base stations, optical nodes, etc. Unlike other players in this arena Racktivity has no historical roots in hardware, its approach is disruptive in that it starts with SW in order to build automated solutions. Solution elements consist of

1. Hardware: EnergySwitches (AC), DC2Sensor (DC), EnergySensor (environmentals)

2. Data Center Performance Manager (DCPM) Software Suite.

The strengths of Racktivity are

• Extreme precision and granularity of measurements
• Speed to pick up anomalies and act accordingly
• A software that is open by design (to other DC Management tools, to other smart PDUs, DCIM tools, etc), highly flexible, easy to install and operate and future proof (easy to expand)
• Industry firsts: oscilloscope view, harmonics, electronic fast fuse protection, 3 second boot, ultra low energy consumption (10x less than industry standards)
• Full ownership of the technology stack (hardware, software, firmware), no 3rd parties involved, swift execution cycles, adjustments to specific needs, be it on hardware or software
• The ability and size to listen to requirements of customers and operate from a customer centric approach, always

Racktivity has created the industry’s first and only single system of energy management for the data center. Racktivity was formed with one core value to deliver to customers: the ability to understand and control power distribution across the enterprise, in near real-time, to allow IT business operations to be coordinated with their costs. Racktivity provides extreme granularity for our customers to their entire enterprise, across structures, organizations and geographies.

The EnergySwitch™Family, Racktivity’s next-generation Power Distribution Units (PDUs), will equip your data center with the most advanced metering and switching capabilities available on the market today.

Used alone or in conjunction with Racktivity’s advanced Data Center Performance Manager software (DCPM), Racktivity’s EnergySwitch PDUs provide you with a powerful system for energy and capacity optimization and the reliable IT asset protection you demand, all in one PDU.

All Racktivity EnergySwitch™ PDUs are built upon Racktivity’s real-time operating system, EnergyOS™, essential to providing the highest degree of granular real-time power metrics. EnergyOS™ implements the hardware-related portions of Racktivity’s EnergyDNA™ technology to provide real-time remote PDU- and outlet-level true RMS monitoring of current (A), voltage (V), power (VA, W), power factor (%) and energy consumption (kWh) with +/- 1% accuracy.

The EnergySwitch™ hardware combined with the EnergyOS™ real-time operating system gives data center professionals current, relevant and actionable power utilization data to make informed decisions on load balancing and managing IT assets based on event triggers and energy consumption to lower total cost of ownership.

In addition, Racktivity EnergySwitch™ PDUs integrate with the line of EnergySensor™ family of environmental sensors for enhanced monitoring of temperature, humidity, motion and other environmental parameters. System-wide user-defined alarm and warning thresholds help manage risk with real-time local and remote alerts to warn of potential circuit overloads and environmental events.

The Racktivity Management team has a proven track record in developing and bringing innovative technologies to a commercial success, including Q-Layer (acquired by SUN Microsystems), Datacenter Technologies (acquired by Symantec), Nimsoft (acquired by Computer Associates), Hostbasket (acquired by Telenet), and Dedigate (acquired by Terremark). The company received its first round of venture capital funding in 2009 from Big Bang Ventures and its second round of funding through ParTech International and Hummingbird Ventures (formerly Big Bang).