Critical Power Supplies makes “Total Power Systems” featuring UPS, generators, renewable energy solutions and remote monitoring solutions easy.

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An illustration of a total power systems office block, featuring UPS, generators, renewable energy solutions and voltage optimization products, all remote monitored 24×7 for optimum electrical performance.

Critical Power Division.

Through our Critical Power division we supply UPS systems, fuel cells and generator solutions (300VA to 6MVA) to a wide range of organisations and businesses – backed up by an extensive service network providing 24-7 support, state-of-the-art site monitoring and response services – see our service guarantee. Our UPS and Generator systems are the most environmentally friendly available and comply with the latest ECO guidelines and regulations.

Critical Power Supplies offer free site survey to ensure your Critical Power Solution is right-sized for your application. Once the site survey is complete we will confirm via our Critical Power proposal the best right sized solution for your current requirement and how to cope with future growth that your UPS, fuel cell and or generator may have to cope with.

Critical Energy Division.

Through our Critical Energy division we supply renewable energy solutions including solar panels, grid connect inverters, renewable energy monitoring solutions and on-site installation / response services.

Once again Critical Power Supplies offer a free site survey to ensure your Critical Energy Solution maximize energy generation and efficiency by eliminating poor performance caused by shade or lack of wind due to poor siting. Based on the site survey we will produce an optimum energy generation proposal stating the best renewable energy solution for your site whether you use the power you generate in-house or feed the surplus back into the grid via G83/1 and G59/1 compliant inverters.

Total Power Systems And Remote Monitoring.

Critical Power Supplies always recommends that Total Power Systems are installed with a comprehensive remote monitoring package supported by a 24×7 maintenance contract. Thereby ensuring what ever happens you are protected and in complete control of your power.

Total Power Remote Monitoring Options include

- SMS alerts, multiple numbers.
- E-mail alerts, multiple addresses.
- Local onsite alerts via BMS, Modbus or equivalent interface.
- Critical Power Supplies “Central Monitoring Command”.

How To Purchase.

You can purchase small-to-medium sized UPS, portable generators, solar panels, grid connect inverters, cabling accessories and monitoring solutions from the estore side of this website.

Three phase UPS, fuel cells and high power generators are priced on application by our Sales Team and Export Sales Team and for UK customers a free site survey may be offered to ensure you receive a right sized Critical Power Solution.

Please let us know if you would like a free site survey or view our corporate brochure for more information on what we do for clients at Critical Power.

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