Virtualisation and UPS Power Management.

In virtual environments, more services run on less hardware. This means keeping those services up and running is vital. At Critical Power Supplies we have a solution which is based on Eaton’s virtualization solution enabling you to extend the runtime of your network and protect critical equipment.

Eaton’s Intelligent Power Software Suite integrates seamlessly with the major virtual platforms, enabling you to view and manage your entire power system from your current dashboard. It also triggers live migration and in the event of an extended power outage will gracefully shutdown virtual machines and hosts in a cluster.

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VMware Ready.

Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager is certified as VMware Ready and seamlessly integrates with VMwares vCenter server, enabling you to manage your virtual network and the power that supports it from one dashboard. This combination allows you to trigger live migration, monitor and manage the power supporting your virtual network, measure power consumption and receive real time notification of UPS or PDU trouble signs.

Eaton’s capabilities within vCenter

Extend runtime Trigger live migration Manage virtual machines and their environment as a system Measure power consumption Receive real-time notification of power outages Virtual desktop infrastructure integration Virtual appliance Site Recovery Manager integration Shutdown virtual machines and hosts in a cluster

Intelligent Power Manager


Gold Award for Virtualization Management and Best of Show at VMworld 2013 Extends battery run time during power outage by moving workloads off servers and shutting them down Initiates ‘planned migration’ thru SRM5 to move mission critical applications to back-up site with no loss of data.


The updated IPM software includes compatibility with the VMware® vSphere™ 5.1 virtualization platform and a new load shedding capability designed to extend available battery backup time for IT and data center managers when critical business functions are compromised by power outages. For large enterprises and small businesses alike, IPM’s load shedding will allow site critical VMs including phone systems and security to keep running while all other VMs and corresponding servers can be safely shut down, allowing the site’s critical operations VMs to continue to run longer.

The software solution also enables users to initiate automatic and transparent live migrations of virtual machines and can trigger VMware Site Recovery Manager’s disaster recovery and planned migration processes, therefore moving critical applications to available servers either within an organization, or to a co-located facility without the loss of data.

Virtulization Ready Bundles.

Eaton’s virtualization solution allows you to:

- Seamlessly integrate with VMware’s vCenter Server™ virtualization management solution, as well as virtualization platforms such as Citrix® XenServer, Microsoft SCVMM™, Red Hat® and other Xen® open source platforms
- Initiate live migration of virtual machines (VM) to automatically and transparently migrate VMs during power disruptions to unaffected devices with systems such as VMware vMotion™ and Microsoft Live Migration
- Monitor and manage power either inside or outside the data center, even by individual outlet segment for some devices
- Measure power consumption to help calculate power usage effectiveness (PUE), a widely-utilized metric for gauging data center power efficiency
- Receive real-time status updates of your UPS or PDU

Virtualisation-ready bundles with Network Card-MS are available for select Eaton UPS models of:

Designed with managed outlet segments, hot-swappable batteries, 99 percent efficiency and two managed outlet segments —provides an integrated power management solution for any IT environment.

9130 UPS
Provides more available power, >95 percent efficiency, high performance protection and battery backup for unpredictable power in any IT environment

Reliable, versatile and efficient backup power for IT equipment, including Cisco switches and servers.

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Posted by Jason Koffer – 20/3/2014