We are the leading independent UK multi-brand supplier

With 25 years’ experience of implementing power protection solutions, we know we can provide the right power supplies, project management and support for your business.

As the leading independent UK multi-brand supplier, we operate across a diverse range of clients. Ranging from corporates to end-users, we are equally happy working with M&E consultants, quantity surveyors, electrical contractors, right the way through to distributors and resellers. Still, even more crucially, we understand the vital need for sustainable uptime and power continuity in today’s business environments.


Whether a processing system in a financial institution, critical hospital environment, data centre infrastructure or manufacturing line; we have the experience, services and products necessary to ensure your power continuity – no matter what. More importantly we pride ourselves on:

  • Valuing people and building relationships
  • Going that extra mile
  • Understanding the importance of pre- and post-sales support
  • Being manufacturer independent – we choose the best solution
  • Operating sustainably and supplying energy efficient products and services
  • NOT being a ‘fit-and-forget’ solution

Our chosen charities

Strongly believing in our corporate and social responsibilities, everyone at Critical Power is actively involved with the local community and we support a number of specially chosen national charities too.

    • Helping children across the UK create a better life.
    • Helping save people’s lives regardless of who they are.
    • Empowering People Around the World – to change their lives and start a business.

Our products

Everything you need to support your uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Be it for standby power, fuel cells or open / closed generator solutions (300 VA to 6MVA), we offer a wide range of products. This includes an extensive off-the-shelf stock of critical parts, spares and ancillary products. With next day delivery options , we can provide fast product supply for routine and preventative maintenance.

All of our power solutions are backed by an extensive service network, providing 24/7 support and monitoring. In addition, our UPS and generator systems are the most environmentally friendly, highly efficient schemes available.