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The customer’s legacy Merlin Gerin 200kVA UPS which, due to it’s age was no longer supported, was costing significantly more to operate than a modern, high efficiency UPS.


Critical Power Supplies proposed a Riello 200kVA High Efficiency UPS with extended runtime in a comprehensive fixed price turnkey package, which delivered a maintained solution to provide all the features the customer required. This gave the Data Centre added protection in case of failure at any point, allowing batteries to be replaced in years to come without having to switch off the load by utilizing the bypass system. Combining UPS efficiency and reliability with our ability to deliver a turnkey installation and comprehensive project management, allowed us to deliver cost savings through a quick roll-out and integration, that traditional procurement methods would not have been able to sustain.


The installation was completed in one day, including removal of the old system and delivery of the new UPS System. Comprising of new management software which allows easy monitoring and management of the UPS, regardless of the weather or power event, the IT department now have a high efficiency, UPS solution with a 4 hour, 24×7 maintenance contract. The installation is designed to the latest standards in critical power and electrical circuits and the project was delivered on time and within budget. The old UPS solution was removed and recycled along with the failed legacy sealed lead acid batteries.