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6 Things Every Server Room Needs

Published by Lee Kelly on 20 January 2020

There are a lot of things to consider when running and installing a server room so we have created a small list of things that may get missed in server rooms. Some of these items could save you around £200+ per rack.

1 - Blanking Panels

Critical Power Supplies - Blanking Panels

You may not have thought of having blanking panels in your server room but if you have empty gaps in your racks then you should think about using blanking panels this helps reduce costs of cooling with air containment. They could save you up to £200 per rack with older servers find out more here.

2 - Fingerprint or Card Reader Rack Door Handles

Critical Power Supplies - Rack Security Handles

Having good security on your racks is a must and some lockable handles are a great option the reason for using fingerprint and card reader options is on some variations of these handles can monitor who is opening the rack and you can keep an eye on your racks remotely.

3 - Adequate Backup Power Procedures

Critical Power Supplies - UPS

One thing that is a must is having a proper backup power procedure in place in the event of a power outage and what is going to happen. This should be written down and kept within the server room, being able to shut down server gracefully is a must and if these procedures aren't in place a lot of data could potentially be lost and that can cost a whole lot to try and recover that data. So having and following a proper procedure can one day save you a lot of money.

4 - Sensors and Monitoring

Critical Power Supplies - Monitoring

Sensors and monitoring inside your server room is a critical part of any IT infrastructure due to the sensitivity of the equipment as well as the cost it takes in cooling a room full of servers. If there are any issues with the cooling then that could be costing you thousands in wasted energy. Using sensors and monitoring the room will help you catch any issues meaning you can fix them fast saving money and being more environmentally friendly.

You also need to monitor your servers and network especially if you manage branches. With the flexibility to monitor it from practically anywhere means if there is an issue, it can be fixed quickly. So if you have to manage multiple networks with or are away from the office a fair amount then remote monitoring is ideal.

5 - Cooling

Critical Power Supplies - Air Conditioning

Is critical to any server room due to the amount of heat that is given off by all the servers, switches and backup power units. Keeping equipment cool is critical to ensuring your equipment functions correctly and reducing the risk of any units failing. With lots of different cooling options like Air conditioning, fan trays and air containment.

6 - Maintenance

Critical Power Supplies - Maintenance

Keeping your equipment in good working order will make your server room last much longer with proper maintenance on your units especially your cooling and backup power solution you can dramatically reduce the risk of a catastrophic failure and prevent having to pay a fortune for replacements or emergency call outs. At the very least you should have a maintenance check each year.

Keep your Server Room Safe and Secure

Make sure you keep your server room safe and secure with some of the above items and services. These can even save you cost in energy bills and cost of replacement parts if properly maintained.

With a mixture of manufactures available and a range of products, you can see our selection of products for Cooling, Racks, UPS, Monitoring and Sensors.

Critical Power Supplies offers a range of different services that can help you maintain and properly protect your critical IT supplies. If you would like to find out more about our services give our expert team a call on 0808 164 0608 or drop them an email here.