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Introducing the 9PX Lithium-ion UPS 8-10years field life

Published by Jason Koffler on 23 November 2021

9PX Lithium-ion UPS 1500VA-3000VA

Eaton are pleased to announce the launch of the 9PX lithium-ion single-phase, double conversion uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Building on its leadership in delivering innovative capabilities in backup power solutions, Eaton’s new UPS provides longer battery life and a smaller footprint than valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery-powered UPS technology, making it ideal for distributed, “edge” environments and light industrial applications ranging from healthcare to education.

Advanced protection for:

•    Small and Medium Datacentre
•    IT, Networking, Storage and Telecom
•    Infrastucture, Industrial and Medical

‘Set it and Forget it’ Deployment:

Lithium-ion battery technology has emerged as a transformative innovation for UPSs in edge environments, as its longer battery life allows for a “set it and forget it” approach that requires little on-site support from IT staff, data center professionals or maintenance personnel. The expanded battery life of 8–10 years compared to the typical 3-5 years with VRLA batteries, increases reliability and eliminates the need for battery replacement and the associated attached costs.

Lithium-ion Online Double conversion UPS

Longer life

•     9PX lithium-ion UPSs features an expanded battery life of 8–10 years compared to the usual 3-5 years with VRLA batteries.
•     Lithium-ion batteries eliminates the needs for battery replacement and attached costs (planning, labor, shipping).
•     This longer life is backed by a five-year factory warranty including UPS electronics, internal batteries and EBMs.

Management and Cyber Security

•     Eaton Gigabit network management card provide Dual cyber security certifications (UL 2900-1 & IEC 62443-4-2), it’s delivered as standard with Netpack UPS.
•     Eaton’s Intelligent Power Software seamlessly integrates with leading virtualisation environments and cloud orchestrations tools.
•     9PX Lithium-ion can meter energy consumption right down to the managed outlet groups. kWh values can be monitored using the LCD or Eaton’s Intelligent Power Software.
•     Load segment control enables prioritised shutdowns of
non-essential equipment to maximize battery runtime for critical devices.

High Performance

•     Double conversion topology. The Eaton 9PX Lithium-ion constantly monitors power conditions and regulates voltage and frequency.
•     Energy Star qualified, the 9PX Lithium-ion provides the highest efficiency level to reduce energy and cooling costs.
•     Internal bypass allows service continuity in case of internal fault, a maintenance bypass is also available for easy replacement of the UPS.
•     More runtime can be added with up to 4 external hot-swappable battery modules, able to run systems for hours if necessary.

Easy installation and upgrade

•     Lighter weight: UPS weight reduced up to 20% and EBM weight reduced more than 40%.
•     Smaller size: Battery extension size reduced to 1U saving space for IT equipment.
•     Firmware upgrade can be done locally or remotely through the Gigabit Network management card.
•     All models delivered with all necessary hardware for tower or rack-mounting.

*All 9PX Lithium-ion UPS and EBM are delivered with rack kit

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