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How do compressed air batteries work and a Video

Published by Jason Koffler on 15 August 2014

Benefits include

- competitive CAPEX costs
- OPEX costs much lower than traditional batteries
- minimal maintenance requirements
- very low standby losses
- fast plug-and-play installation
- increased temperature range and lower cooling costs as can operate above 30’c full time.


- proven technology used in aerospace, electricity networks and telecoms
- comprehensive GUI status display as standard
- modular design for scalable solutions
- self-contained and weatherproof
- can be installed virtually anywhere

Fact: Conventional UPS/standby batteries are expensive to maintain and may fail to perform when needed

Fact: Compressed Air Batteries cost less to operate, are low maintenance and consistently dependable

System overview

How they work efficient power train

Energy is stored in compressed air cylinders and regulated through control valves to rotate the scroll expander. This drives a generator to support the load. instant performance The scroll starts extremely quickly (200 milliseconds) and ultra capacitors are used to bridge the gap
between the grid outage and the scroll generator spinning up to speed.
business benefits

Proven reliability
Our Compressed Air Battery UPS systems are providing dependable service worldwide, in fields including aerospace, electricity networks and telecoms.
low lifetime costs (capex/opex) CAB 100™ and 200™ CAPEX costs are competitive – OPEX costs are much lower than for traditional batteries. Minimal maintenance requirements plus very low standby losses add up to exceptionally low
whole-life cost of ownership. easy fit scalable solutions

Our Compressed Air Batteries are modular in design, with capacities of 3KVA to 2MVA and above. fast plug-and-play installation CAB 100™ and 200™ units are delivered to your site, ready to use. weatherproof enclosures

All of our units are completely self-contained and weatherproof. They can be installed virtually anywhere.

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