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Critical Power Supplies is still working during COVID-19 to help you

Published by Jason Koffler on 22 June 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire world in short order. It has affected everyone, and everyday life is no longer as predictable as it once was. Yet some organisations need to continue operation as they provide an essential service and will still need to rely on uninterrupted power. In such an uncertain situation, a support organisation must provide clear direction and leadership, and Critical Power Supplies is well aware of their obligation.

Early Adoption

With this in mind, the management team at Critical Power Supplies identified the growing threat associated with coronavirus as early as February 2020. At that point, a business continuity statement was introduced and circulated to all staff. Managers designed this comprehensive document to provide all staff members with information about the pending global emergency and to make them aware of how it would affect their everyday work.

Serious Approach

Our customers need to provide an uninterrupted level of service, whether in the middle of a global pandemic or not. Critical Power Supplies needs to be there to make sure that their UPS, electrical equipment and power solutions are in good working order or that we repair them as soon as possible if need be.

As we take this obligation seriously, we have introduced processes and procedures that will keep our staff healthy and ready to serve you. We will also reduce the risk during any site visit, whether we are delivering parts to your facility, installing those parts or maintaining your operation.

Rest assured that we will be ready to help you in all of these three crucial areas and that we have a comprehensive plan to make sure that we provide services as safely and securely as possible.

Risk Assessment Method Statements

In each case, we will conduct a full risk assessment with particular emphasis on COVID-19 risks, up to 14 days before we plan a visit to your site. While a risk assessment is, of course, routine in this industry, we will now go much further. We will develop a risk assessment method statement (RAMS) that is even more comprehensive and accompanied by a step-by-step safe working guide. We will then contact you up to three days before the appointment and on the scheduled workday itself, to make sure that we can proceed and that all parties are ready.

On-Site Procedures

Ideally, all employees should remain within a “social bubble” when they are on site. They will wear gloves and facemasks and will carry hand gel with them at all times so that they keep any risk of bio-contamination to a minimum.

Ideally, we will employ no contact deliveries and, if possible, no contact installation or maintenance work as well. We will, of course, discuss this with you in detail before work begins, to ensure that all those involved are protected.

These advance discussions will help us to create a specific risk assessment method statement and ensure that there are no misunderstandings or misinterpretations. We will be able to come up with a step-by-step guide that focuses on efficient performance as well as safety.

When employees attend your place of work to install new equipment or to maintain your current installation, we would ask for your assistance. If at all possible, avoid direct contact and allow the employee to work in isolation. They will conduct the work as efficiently as possible in line with industry guidelines, and wear protective equipment throughout. If any equipment, parts or rubbish is left behind as a consequence of their work, they will treat it as a biohazard. It will be double-bagged and sealed before they leave the isolated area.

Staff Protection Procedures

Furthermore, you can rest assured that we take the health of our employees very seriously as well. We have created an infection control procedure, and we’ve given additional training to all staff to help them understand the risk. We encourage them to adopt best practices and make sure that infection is controlled and prevented, both at their home and in the workplace.

Each employee has alcohol-based hand sanitiser with them at all times, and we have installed dispensers throughout our work facility. We make sure that we monitor the health of each employee when they present for work and before they attend your premises for delivery, installation or maintenance. To do this, Critical Power Supplies has purchased medical grade digital body thermometers. These devices will detect any signs of fever, and if indicated, the employee is isolated while we seek further health advice.

Emergency Work

We understand that daily working life can be unpredictable and that you may encounter a breakdown or other issue that may require emergency support. Once again, we will be there for you and will employ the same high levels of care as we address your problem as soon as possible.

Evolving Solutions

This global pandemic is ever-evolving and, from time to time, the government will issue updated instructions and new guidance. While we took early action back in February, to make sure that our organisation was as ready as possible, we are flexible enough to adapt as well.

This is why we schedule group “toolbox talks” and internal risk assessments regularly. We’ve introduced education programs that can be modified if necessary and carry out installation audits so that we can all learn as we go. Our overriding aim is to provide you with a first-class level of service and support while at the same time making sure that you are not exposed to the risks of COVID-19.


Critical Power Supplies is an NICEIC – approved electrical contractor. We supply APC, Eaton, Riello UPS Solutions and other products to support your essential operation. It is our number one goal to ensure that we are there for your company throughout this global health emergency and beyond. Consequently, we will be available 24/7 to make sure that your generators, UPS and air conditioning systems are working correctly and efficiently.


We believe that our policies and procedures are in line with the very best health and safety advice. Our overriding aim is to ensure that there is a zero risk of transmission during this global pandemic. As such, Critical Power Supplies will continue to make the health of both our customers and staff members the highest priority.