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Critical Power Launches a Critical Cooling Division

Published by Jason Koffler on 12 March 2019

Without precision cooling, maintaining this environment is nearly impossible. Critical Power is bringing dependable solutions to a range of businesses with the launch of our critical cooling division. Our new Critical Power services include precision cooling products from some of the top brands in the industry.

How Precision Cooling Makes a Difference

One of the biggest issues with any traditional cooling system is inconsistency. This occurs when the system cannot operate efficiently and becomes unreliable – something which will have a major impact on any business.

Businesses that depend on stable, cool temperatures for their equipment and/or procedures are at the greatest risk, as fluctuations in the temperature and humidity pose a threat to their operating systems. The Critical Cooling Division from Critical Power offers solutions for settings in which cooling is a 24 × 7 job.
Modern Datacentre Cooling: Advanced Needs for Advanced Technology

Businesses increasingly rely on more sophisticated technology to obtain, organise, and store the data they use. While today’s tech equipment is capable of more than ever before, it continues to be sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Failing to maintain a precise cooling environment can lead to a range of problems, including:

- Corrupted data processing and a shutdown of the entire system.
- Damaged board components due to big temperature swings, resulting in faulty operation or complete failure.
- Static electric discharges caused by insufficient humidity, leading to data corruption and/or damage to the hardware.
- Too much humidity can lead to a range of problems, from condensation and corrosion to surface deterioration.

Businesses with server rooms, copier rooms, and telecommunications rooms are all at risk of developing these problems. So are laboratories, sterile rooms, hospital settings, and medical equipment suites. All of these settings rely on delicate equipment that is always powered on, even when it isn’t in use. The variations in heat caused during different stages of use require responsive, area-specific cooling to keep the temperature and humidity within the required range.

Critical Power Services Offers Precise 24/7 Cooling

Your business relies on the efficiency of your technology. The new critical cooling division at Critical Power provides the precise cooling systems designed to handle high load density caused by this technology. They offer the kind of responsiveness needed to adapt to sudden temperature changes that result from increased or decreased use.

Facilities that rely on normal air conditioning use a high volume of outdoor air. When the weather is hotter, it takes more power to cool and often falls short of reaching the desired temperature. When outdoor temperatures drop, the system doesn’t have the control needed to maintain stability. However, with precision air conditioning, the there is no need for an external air inlet, and less power is required to perform a much more accurate job of maintaining the environment.

Better Air Quality

We’ve all experienced the hot and cold spots created by traditional air conditioning. Precision air conditioners offer improved air distribution by using a higher air flow rate. Most systems also implement pleated air filters to provide high efficiency particulate removal. As there is no external air intake, there are also fewer particulates that need to be filtered out. Improved overall air flow results in a better distribution of treated air so that every area in the room is always at the right temperature.

Choosing a Precise Air Conditioning System

The first step in choosing a precise air condition system for your technology room is determining the proper load calculation. This figure is based on several factors which contribute heat to the room, including the hardware, lights, and the people who use the space. The pros at Critical Power can help you choose a system that is right for your specific needs.

The next step is choosing the type of unit that is right for your technology and the size of your room. Ask us about the benefits of any of the following systems and how they will work in your unique setting.

Air Cooled – These units are split between and an indoor air conditioner and an outdoor air-cooled heat rejection unit. Ideal for multiple units and expanding installations.

Water Cooled – These units are indoor air conditioning units that are self-contained.

Glycol Cooled – This system is similar to the water cooled systems other than using glycol in place of the water. One advantage is that multiple units can be linked to single large dry coolers and pump packages.

Free Cooling Glycol – Free cooling glycol units are similar to glycol cooled units, but with an additional free-cool coil which reduces energy requirements.

Supplementary Chilled-Water Coil – A supplementary chilled-water coil might be included in a DX cooling system to provide complete function in a single unit, rather than across multiple units. The unit can operate with 100% modular DX back-up in case of emergencies. DX cooling is the cooling of indoor air using condensed refrigerant liquid.

Chilled Water – These cooling units supply chilled water from a central chiller to packaged units in the technology room. The packaged chiller contains the refrigeration system.

The launch of our critical cooling division focuses on two of the top brands in the air conditioning industry. Both Vertiv and Daikin are known for their quality products and innovative cooling systems. Vertiv has a long history of producing innovative, industry-changing products. Acquire unsurpassed protection for your technology with a high-performance cooling system. Choose from room cooling, in-row cooling, rack cooling, evaporative free cooling, free cooling chillers, and thermal control and monitoring. Critical Power is proud to offer you the choice of Vertiv precision cooling systems that work in a range of settings.

Daiken has nearly a century of experience behind the design and manufacture of their precision cooling products. They have built a global reputation for quality and technology. They offer infrastructure cooling for each building type and need. Their Sky Air is a cost-effective, high performance cooling system that is ideal for small data centres. They also offer chillers for medium- to large- sized data centres using water-based technology.

Precision cooling is imperative for the technology you rely on to run your business. Your investment into the right cooling system for your needs will protect the most valuable asset in your operation. Contact Critical Power to learn more about the leading cooling solutions from Daiken and Vertiv. Create the stable environment your technology needs and protect the lifeblood of your business.