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Why Trust CyberPower UPS?

Published by Jason Koffler on 28 August 2014

With fastest-growing own brand recognition worldwide, CyberPower continues providing the most feature-rich, easy-to-use UPS products, software, industry-leading customer service, and worldwide logistic support to meet customers’ needs.

Professional Technology
Highly trained professional engineers located in our Taiwan office, provide the R&D technology for UPS and other products, 53 patents were applied for by CyberPower during the last 18 months.

Our project development flow is under rigorous control & management by each specialized engineering team in order to meet the quality and complete projects on time.CyberPower specializes in 10 Fields:

Power Electronics & Power Conversion Surge Protection Digital Signal Processor & Micro-Processor Industrial & Mechanical Design UPS Management Application Software Quality Assurance Thermal Management Safety Test: UL/ cUL/ TUV/ FCC Reliability Test: Vibration/ Mechanical Shake/ Halt EMI / EMS Reduction and Isolation

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CyberPower has one of only two UL/TUV Certified labs in Taiwan. We can perform safety tests ourselves to shorten testing schedule, and control all development processes from start to finish. With present quality & reputation, CyberPower will continue to provide up-to-date products to meet customers’ needs by developing more advanced technologies.

Manufacturing Capacity
CyberPower has two manufacturing factories in Shenzhen, China. The first plant was established in 2000, and also got the ISO9001 certificate. To expand capacity to catch soaring sales growth, CyberPower built a second plant in 2004, and it’s four times the size of the first factory.

Based on industry-leading UPS manufacturing experience, CyberPower has always maintained a good relationship between our suppliers and vendors, so we can get the best materials and components with lower
cost. That’s why CyberPower can always provide the most cost-effective products to our customers. Additional, self-manufactured capability also makes CyberPower totally dominate the quantity and quality of outputs. Therefore, you can find that CyberPower is more flexible and cost-effective than other competitors.

Quality Assurance
CyberPower keeps long-term agreements and direct relationship with suppliers to build mutual trust thus we can have flexibility and JIT service in procurement. To well organize production and keep strict quality control, CyberPower implements ERP system to manage materials, personnel, and facilities. All process and routines are well defined and executed to conform to ISO9001:2000 and ensure consistent reliable quality.

Industry-leading services
CyberPower provides fast and responsive services before, during and after the sale. We have built several offices in the worldwide to address all needs and requirements of customers at any point in the transaction. You can contact us in the following places, such as Taiwan (Taipei), USA (Minneapolis), Netherland ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Russia (Moscow).

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