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Cyberpower UPS Spring Sale

Published by Jason Koffler on 20 April 2016

Cyberpower Professional Series UPS with Seamless Smooth Sinewave. Provides the best power protection available for office systems devices including PC’s, Routers, Working Stations, peripherals and Networking Devices. Cyberpower UPS are typically intergrated in the back office, server room and Data center Envinronent.

Features of Cyberpower Professional UPS
Pure Sinewave
High Output Power Factor (0.9)
Powerpanel Management Software

Cyberpower Spring Offer.

Option one – Receive a Free Network Management Card for each Professional Series UPS you purchase.


Option two – Buy four UPS and receive receive one UPS Free, cheapest UPS free and all four must be purchased at the same time.

Professional Series Model Comparison

Cyberpower Runtime at half load Capacity (VA/W) Outlets on the rear of the UPS APC Equivalent
PR1500ELCD 17 1500/1350 IEC C13 x 8 SMT1500I
PR2200ELCDSDL 12 2200/1980 IEC C13 x 8 – IEC C19 x 1 SMT2200I
PR3000ELCDSDL 17 2200/1980 IEC C13 x 8 – IEC C19 x 1 SMT3000I
PR1500ELCDRT2U 11 1500/1350 IEC C13 x 8 SMT1500RMI2U
PR2200ELCDSDLRT2U 10 2200/1980 IEC C13 x 8 – IEC C19 x 1 SMT2200RMI2U
PR3000ELCDSDLRT2U 7 2200/1980 IEC C13 x 8 – IEC C19 x 1 SMT3000RMI2U

Contact the sales team for more information on 0800 978 8988