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DC2Sensor Launched By Ractivity and Now Available

Published by Jason Koffler on 15 January 2013

The DC2Sensor-Racktivity is now available from Critical Power Supplies can be installed at the DC power distribution board or in distributed remote locations such as PoPs, base stations, and Head Ends. The unit features a DIN rail mountable design and Ethernet connectiv ity and supports 12 inputs for current measurements.

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It is fully compatible with our DCPM software platform, the only distributed software solution to manage thousands of multi-vendor PDUs as a single environment. DC2Sensors also support the Racktivity EnergySensor range to offer a granular set of environmental monitoring including temperature, humidity and motion sensing as well as smoke detection, water leak detection under raised floors and dry contact for rack door intrusion detection.

Features and Benefits.

- DC monitoring
- DIN rail mountable
- 12 DC current measurement inputs
- 2 DC voltage measurements
- Works on both
- -48V and +48V
- Galvanic feed separatio n
- Direct Ethernet connection
- OLEO display & control
- EnergySensor compatible
- Integrates into DCPM

The DC2Sensor provides the missing element for a complete power monitoring solution and addresses a real issue for data center managers with large or distributed estates of DC powered equipment. With this addition, Racktivity can now provide a complete view of the power capacity usage by service providers and give them the tools to analyse, simulate and reduce their carbon footprint.


- Measure DC voltage
On 2 feeds: A and B
Input range: 36 – 60 VDC
Accuracy:/- 2%
 - Measure DC current
 On 12 inputs: 6x A and 6x B
 Input range: up to 800A (depends on current transducer) Accuracy:
/- 2%
- Calculates power (W) and power consumption (kWh) per port
- Works on both +and -48V
- 100% galvanic separation between the 2 feeds
- Power supply via A and/or B feed for redundancy
- DIN rail mountable design
Dimensions (H x W x Din mm): 90 × 71 × 53
Dimensions (H x W x Din inch):3.54 × 2.8 × 2.1
- Direct Ethernet connectivity
- OLEO display Color: white
Resolution:128 × 32 pixels
- Possibility to connect EnergySensors for environmental monitoring
- The DC2Sensor is available through the Data Center Performance Manager software package: Monitoring of DC voltage per feed, current per input, power per port, total power,
energy per port, total energy,… Define alarms on available parameters
Integrate with 3rd party AC and/or DC monitoring tools