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Eaton 93PS Lowest TCO UPS

Published by Jason Koffler on 14 July 2015

Power management company Eaton has launched an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that provides administrators of mission critical IT applications with unmatched system resiliency and cost-efficient business continuity. Ideal for industrial, transportation, retail, healthcare and public sector related applications, the new Eaton 93PS uses market-leading technology to bridge the gap between electrical and IT infrastructures and ensure maximum availability. Achieving up to 99 per cent efficiency, the 93PS also offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and is the most efficient UPS in its class.

“Avoiding downtime is a key priority in mission critical applications, however, pressure to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly means minimising operational costs and capital expenditure is also crucial,” explained Rabbe Johansson, Product Manager, Eaton Power Quality EMEA. “The Eaton 93PS is, quite simply, the most efficient UPS in its class offering the lowest Total Cost of Ownership whilst ensuring access to the power an application needs is available in all circumstances.”

A key technology featured in the new 93PS is Eaton’s Energy Saver System (ESS). Already delivering safe and reliable power in major data centre hubs around the world, ESS enables the UPS to deliver up to 99 per cent efficiency by suspending power modules when power conditioning is not required. The system is, however, ready to switch to double-conversion mode in under two milliseconds when needed. ESS also enhances the reliability of the system by reducing stress on the electrical components, extending the life of the UPS and helping reduce TCO.

To guarantee high efficiency, even when UPS load levels are low, the 93PS uses Eaton’s Variable Module Management System (VMMS) which optimises the load levels of power modules in a single UPS, or in parallel UPS systems, by suspending extra UPS capacity. The 93PS also offers market-leading efficiency in double conversion mode of over 96 per cent.

The 93PS has been designed to be highly scalable. Hot swappable and hot scalable modularity means replacement and upgrades typically take less than ten minutes. The inclusion of Eaton’s patented HotSync® wireless paralleling technology also means a system can be scaled up to four units in parallel. By deploying additional equipment when needed, IT administrators can optimise capital expenditure but still respond quickly to increases in demand. Additionally, the 93PS can be scaled up without increasing the footprint, saving valuable floorspace.

Ensuring safety in any electrical installation is a must, not only to comply with local electrical regulations and protect personnel, but also to maximise availability. The design of the 93PS simplifies and facilitates compliance with local installation regulations to ensure optimum safety for both operators and facilities.

The new 93PS is available in small and large frame sizes and in power ratings from 8-40 kW. For more information please contact sales on 0800 978 8988

Features and Benefits.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

- Above 96% efficiency in double conversion mode
- Up to 98,8% efficiency with Energy Saver System

Inherent redundancy
- Inherent redundancy – possibility for internal redundancy with common or separate battery configuration

Smallest footprint in the market
- The 93PS provides significantly more in a smaller package, with a footprint of only 0,25 m² for the smaller frame (8-20kW) and 0,36 m² for the large frame (8-40kW)

- Scalable architecture and ‘Pay as you grow’ capability to minimize Capital Expenditure
- Paralleling of up to 8 units

Maximum Availability

Hot Swap and Hot Scalable
- A module can be replaced while the other continues protecting the load (concurrent maintenance)
- A module can be added while the other continues protecting the load (hot scalable)
- Individual battery strings can be serviced while other strings are supporting the load

Super-sized static switch
- Optional super-sized Static Switch to enhance the selectivity of the overall electrical installation

- Equipped with an ultra-rapid fuse in the Static Switch – ensuring safety in all scenarios
- Equipped with a backfeed contactor – no need for additional instalments

Cloud & Virtualization ready
- The 93PS and Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software suite takes the resiliency of the system to the next level by bridging the electrical and IT infrastructure
- IT and electrical infrastructure management from a “Single pane of glass”
- Load shedding – 50% drop in load equates to 250% more runtime!