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Eaton Launches Next Generation Rack Power Distribution Units

Published by Jason Koffler on 18 June 2014

Power management company Eaton has launched its new ePDU third-generation (G3) rack power distribution units (PDUs) which combine best-in-class efficiency and reliability with technological advances that include a new patent-pending grip feature for international electrotechnical commission (IEC) connectors.

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Products in the new ePDU G3 portfolio range have been designed specifically to answer the power distribution needs of today’s IT and data centre managers by providing advanced power-monitoring capabilities. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the range will initially be available in three different versions: Basic – to provide reliable power distribution, Metered Input to provide V, W, A and kWh metering of the ePDU and branch breaker, and In-Line Metered to upgrade any basic PDU installations to include Eaton’s advanced metering.

The unique grip feature for IEC connectors on the new ePDUs, including the Basic models, puts an end to the common and often costly problem of plugs falling out of IEC outlets due to bumps or vibrations. This grip feature works with standard cables, eliminating the need for special power cables and cable management brackets that can increase the overall cost of a rack PDU system by as much as 50 percent.

“Rack power distribution units are at the core of effective power management in today’s data centres” said Stefan Coote, product manager, EMEA for Eaton, “Our new ePDU G3 products incorporate technical innovations and state-of-the-art technology to provide an unbeatable combination of reliability, flexibility, and value for money. They genuinely set new standards for rack power distribution, and will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to maximising business continuity wherever they are used.”

In addition to the patented IEC grip feature, Eaton’s new ePDU G3 models can also operate continuously at temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius, making them an ideal choice for use in modern data centres with elevated temperature profiles. The low-profile 0U design of the new power units means that they occupy a minimum of enclosure space and are compatible with all rack enclosures. Side and rear mounting options allow unimpeded access to IT devices in the rack with the option of either button mounting or a unique variable mounting system for fast, simple installation. As an aid to load balancing, all ePDU G3 models, including the Basic ePDUs, have colour-coded outlet sections that match their corresponding circuit breakers. Metered Input and In-Line Metered models include a menu-driven liquid-crystal graphic display (LCD) for easy set up and troubleshooting. Both the Metered Input and the In-Line Metered models provide true IEC ±1 percent billing-grade metering accuracy.

Network-connected ePDU G3 models allow users of Eaton’s Intelligent Power™ Manager software to automatically discover, monitor, mass update and mass configure multiple ePDUs whilst also integrating with virtualisation platforms that include VMware® vCenter Server™. The new patented daisy chain network feature allows up to four of the ePDUs to be connected to a single internet protocol (IP) network port, providing cost savings of up to 75 percent compared with conventional distribution units that need individual ports.

posted by Jason Koffler – 18/6//2014