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Eaton Service Plans, Stay Protected.

Published by Jason Koffler on 10 May 2014

Eaton Services – UPS Service Plans

When you first purchased your UPS or DC system, it was because you needed to be certain that your core business could go on uninterrupted in the case of power disturbances, and that it could be shut down safely and in a controlled fashion if the disturbance persists.

The expected usable life of a UPS system is many years, often more than a decade. You wouldn’t expect your vehicle fleet or your manufacturing machinery to continually give you the same quality output if you run it for a decade without maintenance, would you?

The same applies to UPSs and DC systems. As years go by, the attached loads will vary. Batteries will need changing. The devices need periodic cleaning to prevent overheating. Connections and cabling need to be inspected. Software upgrades have to be installed. And so on.

Service Plans

Action Basic Fully Comprehensive Fully Comprehensive Fully Comprehensive
Standard Features Safe Standard Enhanced Premier
1 PM per year (during normal working hours) Tick Tick Tick Tick
Technical updates Tick Tick Tick Tick
24 × 7 Hotline Tick Tick Tick Tick
25% Discount on Labour Tick
Travel & Labor included Tick Tick Tick
25% Discount on Spares Tick
Spare Parts included (excludes batteries and AC/DC capacitors except under warranty) Tick Tick Tick
Emergency Service response, travel to site the Next Working Day Tick Tick
Emergency Service response, travel to site within 6 hours 24/7 O Tick
Emergency Service response, travel to site within 4 hours 24/7 O Tick
Main Options
Additional PM visits O O O O
PM Out of Hours, Mon to Fri O O O O
PM at weekends or holidays O O O O

=Included feature O=Optional – Chargeable (see conditions)

posted by Jason Koffler, May 2014.