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GSM Power Switch-Control Power by Text

Published by Jason Koffler on 08 May 2013

GSM Power Switch from Critical Power Supplies. Text sent when mains power is lost or restored or temperature thresh holds reached.

Features and Benefits.

- Send text to turn power on or off remotely
- Control power by time and date to save energy costs
- Simple quick set up by text
- UK and Schuko versions available Applications
- Reboot routers
- Reboot CCTV DVRs
- Reboot wireless point to point links
- Reboot wireless video link
- Reboot PCs / Servers
- Instant power loss notification

Technical Data

- Input 100v-250v / 50Hz
- Output Maximum 13A
- Manufactured to BS5733
- Automatic time and date synchronisation
- CE2200 Certification
- RoHS Compliant
- Operating temperature -100C to +500C
- Relative Humidity 10-90%, without condensation
- Dual Band
- Weight 500g boxed
- Box Size L: 205mm D: 120mm H: 75mm

Powertxt® only sends and receives text messages making it not only very easy to use and deploy but extremely cost effective. Powertxt® requires no IP address or permission for network access.
Powertxt® is a low cost ‘out of band’ rebooting device with a very quick ROI. One engineering visit saved by Powertxt® reduces your costs, potential SLA penalties and provides increased uptime.
Powertxt® can operate up to 13A and 3Kw making it ideal for most business or domestic IT applications with IEC13 converters readily available.
Optional text (SMS) centralised management software available.

Powertxt® is fully controlled by text (SMS) message commands.

- You can use any PAYG SIM card (except Three) or we can provide an M2M SIM (Machine 2 Machine) which gives you the ability to manage your estate of SIMs online.