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Guaranteed Response and Email Ticketing for the Lifetime of the Products.

Published by Jason Koffler on 20 July 2011

At Critical Power Supplies, we offer support deals second to none. Where else can you get email ticketing, fast response, email and telephone technical support for the lifetime of the products and solutions you buy? From us, it comes as standard and free of charge or you can upgrade to fixed response times. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s an entry-level desktop UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or a complete turnkey power protection system. In a Uninterruptible Power Supply emergency, you can rely on us.

It’s a mark of our dedication to our customers, plus the confidence we have in the reliability and quality of the products we supply. We endeavour to ensure you will never need to use it, but if you do you can rest assured you’ll receive the attention, response and diligence you’d expect.

How does it work?

Instead of facing the frustrations of telephone support from none-specialist, product suppliers in call centres around the world, our customers can simply visit our website, click on Service Login enter their ticket details of the product and get a response within a typical 8hours and a maximum of 3 calendar days. The system employs a sophisticated email-ticketing procedure, but none of it is automated. All messages are dealt with by qualified and experienced engineers, in real-time.

Maintenance Plans.

The maintenance plans we offer to Uninterruptible Power Supply customers provide guaranteed emergency response times (depending upon the criticality of your application) at different levels and at an applicable fixed cost:

1. Critical (Platinum) 4-clock hour response
2. Essential (Gold) 8-working hour response
3. Emergency Assist (Sliver) 12-working hour response

You can buy preventative and routine maintenance contracts, generator refill offering these different levels of response from us. Mission critical power protection systems will have high levels of resilience and redundancy built in, but the faster a failed UPS can be brought back into service, the better.

Remote Monitoring, or even remote generator fuel check/switch on/off.

Remote monitoring, which customers can purchase through us, provides greater system security. Deploying remote monitoring software, communications protocols and telephone lines (mobile or fixed), communication between a power protection system and an offsite location (or remote personnel) can be established.

If the system develops a fault or sets off an alarm, remote monitoring sends an alert (email, SMS, text message) and reports the fault code to remote site engineers. Communication is two-way. Personnel can also dial in or text message and perform analysis, status interrogation and obtain a host of operating information and reports, including switch on / off of generators.

Critical Power Supplies provides UPS service, support, enhanced warranty and maintenance plans as a key part of our power protection service provision. We operate nationwide, employ qualified, certified and approved engineers. We also have the relevant health and safety accreditations (OHSAS 18001, SAFEcontractor certification), which enables us to carry out work at restricted sites such as chemical, industrial and Defence / Governement establishments.

We have fast access to parts and spares, with key parts always being in stock.

If you would like to know more about our range of UPS emergency response, enhanced warranty services, support and maintenance packages, or indeed any aspects of our products or services, please call: 0845 519 3638, fill in our contacts form or request a site meeting and we’ll call you to arrange the meeting.