Working towards Net Zero with APC by Schneider and Critical Power

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They may also need to look at strategies to make their facilities more environmentally friendly, use natural air cooling, and reuse waste heat.

But have you thought about reducing your carbon footprint by replacing your existing uninterrupted power supply (UPS)?

A highly efficient UPS can save on unnecessary power use, improve data centre efficiency, and increase power usage effectiveness by up to 99%.

Here’s how Critical Power Supplies can help your data centre to achieve climate neutrality and leverage the latest technology to improve your processes.
Renew Your Annual IT Expert and Asset Advisor License

By gaining insight and visibility into your IT physical infrastructure, you can proactively manage it for better energy efficiency and sustainability.

APC by Schneider Electric has a comprehensive suite of modular and integrated software tools for monitoring and controlling systems, devices, and processes in data centres. Simple to install and use, the following cloud-based software solutions monitor critical equipment, deliver insights, and alert you to any problems that could adversely affect IT system availability.
Monitor and control with IT Expert and Data Center Expert

IT Expert: Monitor and manage your power and cooling multi-vendor physical infrastructure equipment in real-time, wherever you are. Instant fault notification empowers you to resolve potential faults and critical infrastructure events. Selecting which members of staff you want to view and access information will empower your organisation to make data-driven decisions and run the analytics you need when you need them.

Data Center Expert: Monitor power, cooling, security and environment in real-time. Collect, organise, and distribute important device information to gain a comprehensive view of equipment, create a repository of vital information that multiple users can access, and generate user-defined reports and graphs. As a result, you’ll have a consolidated view of the physical data centre infrastructure. In addition, you’ll receive instant notifications if and when faults occur.

Model and plan with IT Advisor: Data centre managers can model and manage their multi-vendor physical infrastructure equipment, plan for uptime, and access analytics to facilitate capacity planning decisions. This asset and planning software features inventory management to optimise risk management and reduce day-to-day operating expenses.

Data Center Operations Software: Gain an instant overview of your data centre’s operations. Features include vendor-agnostic inventory management and a location-based drill-down view of data centre locations. A Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) calculator provides information on daily energy use. Real-time device alarms come with recommendations on how to resolve issues.

Enable informed decision making and plan for future needs with Data Center Operation: Capacity. This software predicts the optimal location for physical infrastructure and rack-based IT equipment based on several variables and helps you avoid unplanned downtimes.

Eliminate hot spots and save energy with Data Center Operation: Cooling Optimise. Diagnose potential risks and enjoy immediate costs savings and more efficient cooling resource allocation.

Reduce IT system energy usage with Data Center Operation: IT Optimise. To better understand IT energy consumption, users can access detailed power consumption profiles of data centres. You are then better placed to optimise server utilisation for increased data centre performance.

Improve operational efficiency with Data Center Operation: Change. With workflow management, data centre managers can better track and execute moves, adds, and equipment changes while reducing downtime.

It’s simple and straightforward to renew your IT Expert and Asset Advisor license with Critical Power Supplies.
Refresh-UPS Assessment Free of Charge

Refresh-UPS is an integrated service solution designed to assess your current infrastructure and replace it with the latest technologies to meet your evolving needs. Refresh-UPS includes the removal of your current UPS solution. Contact Critical Power Supplies for more information.
Prefabricated Data Centres and Power Modules

Prefabricated power modules feature an integrated UPS, switchgear, and management software in a weather-proof enclosure. The best solution for scaling a data centre’s power, power modules are available as a base design or customised for specific applications. Consider replacing your legacy infrastructure with prefabricated data centres with power modules in 250KW and 1000KW modules.
Power Skids

Prefabricated power skids offer the best solution for scaling up data centre power quickly. APC prefabricated modules use DCIM software, which results in improved reliability and more predictable performance. Designed to allow for scalable growth of IT infrastructure, modules arrive ready to deploy, reducing installation time and cost. Critical Power Supplies has power skids available in 900 Kw and 1000 KLW modules

Net carbon zero is possible with a UPS from Critical Power Supplies. Now is the perfect time to renew your UPS or cooling system and modernise your data centre’s equipment. Get in touch with us for more information.

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