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Huawei IDS100-A All-In-One Containerised Data Centre

Published by Jason Koffler on 21 September 2016

IDS1000 includes power supply & distribution, cooling, IT cabinets, cabling, anti-fire, lightning protection and monitoring.

It features High reliability and security, fast deployment, best mobility, energy-saving and cost-saving. It can significantly reduce customer TCO and improve ROI, is suitable for applications in small and medium enterprises, and also applicable to special mobile scenarios.

40 feet (IDS1000-A40) and 20 feet (IDS1000-A20) are two standard products of IDS1000A.

High integration, one week installation, easy to move and deployment

Integrated rack, monitoring, cabling, power supply & distribution, anti-fire, air-conditioning systems and other major subsystems, one-stop solution. 1 week fast installation, deploy after simply obtaining site, power and network. Unique anti-vibration system, best mobility.

Super Adaptability, Applicable to Complex Scenarios

Operating Temperature:-40 degC to 55 degC, suitable for extra low / extra high temperature region. IP55 dustproof and waterproof design, can be used in the dusty mining area; special. anti-corrosion treatment, able to deploy on sea shore. Life span is up to 15 years.

Saving OPEX, improving ROI

The construction period is extremely shortened. Efficient UPS, aisle isolation, significantly reducing OPEX. Saving more than 30% space.

Efficient, Automatic and Intelligent with Smart Management

Unified management platform, collect status of temperature, humidity, smoke, door magnetic etc. Automatically handle emergencies, enhance the availability of data center, improve management efficiency.

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The Layout

The container integrates a server bearing system, power distribution system, temperature control system, monitoring system, fire extinguishing system, and lighting system. The All-in-One provides a 360 U installation space for housing 19-inch racks that accommodate equipment from Huawei and third parties. The noise generated by the All-in-One is less than 68 dB.

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The All-in-One consists of an air conditioner outdoor unit compartment, an equipment compartment, a battery compartment, and an entrance hall, which are separated by baffles.

The entrance hall is configured with a PDU8000, ports to signal cables, a fire extinguishing controller, an emergency startup station, an emergency shutdown station, a gas release indicator, and an access controller. The battery compartment is adjacent to the entrance hall and houses batteries. The equipment compartment has a five-row layout. The racks are arranged face-to-face and back-to-back and share hot and cold aisles that are separate. Each server cabinet is a two-cabinet combination with a direct expansion precision air conditioner on one side near the cold aisle. There are four rows of server cabinets. The UPS installation cabinet, network cabinet, and direct expansion precision air conditioner are arranged in one row. A fire cylinder is installed close to the UPS and entrance hall. The air conditioner water inlet pipe and condensate drainpipe using polyvinyl chloride (PPR) are routed under the floor. In the All-in-One, power cables and signal cables are neatly routed through cable trays on the top of the container. An alarm bell, two cameras, and an audible and visual alarm reporter are installed on long aisle. Ambient temperature and humidity sensors, ambient temperature sensors, smoke sensors, and lighting facilities are installed on the top of aisles. Five air conditioner outdoor units are mounted on walls in the air conditioner outdoor unit compartment. The outward opening doors on the side panel are used during device installation and monitored by door status sensors. The double-swing main entrance doors to the hall are configured with a door status sensor and an electronic lock. An emergency door release button is installed on the end wall on the right of the main entrance door.