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Published by Jason Koffler on 06 March 2015

ITWatchDogs manufactures environmental monitoring systems that enable administrators to monitor server room conditions through a web browser with live video feed and sensor data for factors like temperature, humidity, airflow, light, sound, power, water leakage and more, showing current and historical data through HTTP and providing Email, SMS and SNMP alert notifications under abnormal conditions.

ITWatchDogs prevents disastrous situations resulting from climate and power related issues within mission-critical environments including data center / IT, telecom, healthcare and food storage. By manufacturing the highest quality and most reliable environmental monitors on the market, we reduce revenue loss, guard reputations, and prevent system downtime, damage and data loss. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional engineers provide superior service and customer education, and demonstrate our commitment to quality and innovation.

Technical Support

All technical support is handled by the same programmers and engineers that develop and maintain our products – NOT a scripted call center. Rest assured of receiving proper technical support when you need it most. Technical support and firmware upgrades are available for life at no additional charge.

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