Importance of maintaining your Uninterruptible Power Supply – As confirmed by Lycree Charles De Gaulle School

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Our Educational client has been using the APC on line Double Conversion UPS ever since its installation back in July 2014. Being an APC on line UPS with the benefits of online double conversion the APC Smart UPS has saved their critical IT equipment from power issues several times since it was installed, due to its high grade power quality and battery power technology. Ensuring the load was never disturbed by power supply AC power quality issues. The equipment installed back in 2014 of Smart UPS 20kVA UPS’s.

Computer Systems and network equipment and connected devices are vulnerable to voltage fluctuations which can happen at any time. In Normal conditions a UPS will protect your critical infrastructure from mains and frequency transients and users will never experience a problem or interruption in their computer network. Even a few milliseconds of power interruption whether they are low voltage conditions or power events in server rooms or data centres are enough to destroy or damage sensitive IT equipment. 

APC Smart online double conversion UPS is the best of the three main types of UPS solutions as their power protection and online double conversion technology are the best in class for computers and servers. APC Smart UPS can cope with power surges and long period of mains outages through using additional battery packs, whether the utility power is bouncing on of off or completely off for long periods of time. During mains outage a UPS whether single phase or three phase will use its batteries to ensure the connected devices remain powered at all times. This is whether the supported devices are plugged directly into the output plate on the UPS or via distribution boards downstream of the UPS Solution. Having a maintenance bypass fitted allows the UPS to be maintained during normal hours with out the load having to be shutdown and then restarted affecting users and requiring detailed scheduling across an organisation. 

Through its life at Charles De Gaulle the APC Smart UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies has been alerting users to events such as power fluctuations and when battery changes are due. Where the software is configured for user email alerts and automated shutdown, APC Powerchute software will perform this vital function. Safely shutting down the connected servers, PC’s or devices as applicable and allowing them to restart if the point of shutting down due to a prolonged power event has occurred. 

When is “enough power” enough? This key question faces all users and time should be spent listing all current equipment and its power requirement and how much growth you need to factor into your calculation when sizing your standby UPS whether its an online UPS, line interactive or off line. UPS Devices are available in two different types traditional buy the right size on day on or a Modular UPS, so as your critical load increases your Standby UPS unit can grow in KVA/KW and you pay for that growth as you need it. Commissioning of a UPS Solution should also incorporate load bank testing for the desired load KW rating and duration the users need it to last for, this vital step in testing assures all users its working as specified rather then just left to change and a load bank allows you to fully test your power quality solution rather then risking your valuable load. 

How often should you check a UPS device? At least one per month visually at least as per ISO 27001 best practice – more details are available on request on how to manage your UPS via our free white paper on how to look after your Uninterruptible power supply or UPS, these critical devices which protect your computers and business operations should never be left to chance. UPS if maintained and managed can last for years, rather then become expensive items which is typically what they become when maintenance becomes reactive. 

In todays eco friendly world a double conversion mode UPS remains the best UPS mode for all electronic devices. Online UPS do feature ESS or ECO models on the latest models, however an IT Manager should fully understand the pro’s and cons – if you would like to know more ask our sales team for information or a demonstration of ESS or ECO Technology. 

As part of our onsite service checks we help clients check that all aspects of the UPS installation, environment and in life management help prolong the UPS lifespan.  Battery backup solutions require maintenance to ensure your power flow remains clear of voltage issues and to keep your uninterruptible power source free from preventable down time. Whether these checks are short duration tests, impedance checks or load bank tests they help reassure users when the times for UPS battery back up the system will work 100% as intended. 

The APC SMART UPS is an online double conversion UPS which ensures power surges are kept away from Critical Equipment and electrical power / ac power is as pure as it can be through for the sensitive AC loads connected to the UPS, whether they are dual power supply or single phase supply. The SMART UPS incorporates surge protection circuits Full time multi-pole noise filtering : 0.3% IEEE surge let-through : zero clamping response time ensuring the load is protected. The transfer time on the APC Smart UPS is zero making it an ideal choice for data centres and server room whether the UPS is floor standing or rack mount. APC are a global expert in uninterruptible power supplies, power, safe shutdown, line interactive UPS and backup power. 

Finally after replacing the batteries and performing UPS Servicing with us our education client then placed the UPS equipment under a maintenance contract to ensure the UPS was managed under a planned maintenance regime rather then expensive reactive visits, thus ensuring our client benefited from agreed pricing schedule,  service level agreed and annual preventative maintenance visits. Ensuring the school benefited from professional services and potentially costly bills were kept to a minimum. 

Critical Power Supplies supports APC Back up power and other manufacturers UPS Systems through our service department with 24×7 maintenance contracts and remote monitoring ensure power remains available 24×7 and your computer system protected. Whether its AC power or DC power contact us on 0800 088 5412 for more information.