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Is power your weakest link? Sunday Telegraph

Published by Jason Koffler on 03 December 2013

Is power your weakest link?, read more about our short article as featured in the Sunday Telegraph Power Efficiency publication.

Continual increases in energy bills, threats of blackouts by 2017 and increases in energy consumption help to highlight the need for modern energy-efficient power solutions across an organisation.

This, in turn, highlights the need for real-time power monitoring which prompts rather than just notifies actions.

Energy efficiency plans do require a budget – however, these purchases will drive down energy usage and pay for themselves within a few years. Energy efficiency should also feature in any organisation’s plan and is an integral part of ISO14001, ISO27031 and ISO27001.

“Replacing legacy power and cooling solutions with high-efficiency solutions can see a payback within several years,” says Jason Koffler, managing director of Critical Power Supplies. “Modern UPS such as the Eaton 93PM is an impressive 99 per cent efficient; the Riello UPS Multi Sentry range 30 to 100 kVA is also listed on the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) energy technology list (ETL), which encourages businesses to invest in approved energy-saving technologies.”

By investing in UPS such as the Eaton 93PM and the Multi Sentry, businesses can claim tax relief of more than £26,000 from the government’s enhanced capital allowance (ECA) scheme, set up by the Carbon Trust to encourage the reduction of carbon emissions – effectively writing off some of the costs of their UPS investment. All clients are advised to have an end-to-end site survey of all their power and cooling circuits to ensure maximum efficiency and availability.

Cliff Cheetham, operations manager at Critical Power Supplies, adds: “Modernising power, heating and cooling circuits, either through outright purchasing or leasing, makes it possible to save energy, save money and save emissions today.”