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Benefit longer term, by investing in testing your UPS system

Published by Jason Koffler on 11 May 2016

It is misguided to assume that just because a UPS is running; it is fully operational, fit for purpose and legal. While a power failure may only occur for minutes, recovery can take weeks, if not months (and be expensive).

UPS testing is riddled with complexities and dangerous, but what is involved? A maintenance contract provides 24/7 emergency technical support, plus monthly, bi-annually and annual testing including:

• Preventative maintenance – test transfer switches, circuit breakers and maintenance bypasses, use thermal imaging to locate hot-spots and reveal poor connections and gauge if anything is unusual.

• Checking protection settings and calibration – proactively assess what is going on and determine if any element is at the end of their useful life.

• Functional load testing – ensures optimum operational efficiency incorporating:
o Steady-state load tests to check input/output conditions and harmonics at varying load percentages (typically 0%, 50% and 100%).
o Complete operational test including a monitored battery-rundown to verify system continuity in a failure situation and determine battery degradation.

Using a company, with significant experience in UPS maintenance, testing and monitoring, such as Critical Power is paramount. Having the ability to claim for component failure under warranty or maintenance contracts means the manufacture faces the cost rather than the user. So, granted UPS testing is costly and time-consuming, but the costs associated with an unanticipated loss of business will, without doubt, outweigh those incurred from testing.

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